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Field Handle

Grab and Drag a field's contents
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The point is to get the text from one field of an applications GUI, to another.

hold down ctrl, left-mousedown on the _background_ of a field which contains text you wish to copy, and drag to another field. Mouse-up, and the target field's contents are replaced.

If the user does ctrl-shift-left_mousedown, then the contents of the target field is augmentented depending on the location of the cursor, e.g. TARGE<moved text>T

This would save time. The above procedure avoids: select, copy, select, paste - if the target field is occupied.

earwig, May 24 2006


       Nice. Isn't this just a request for a feature not currently found on your computer?
reensure, May 24 2006

       I'm betting earwig uses only one windowing operating system. Different OSes have different visual syntax. You may find that something similar to what you want already exists in another OS.
st3f, May 24 2006

       The idea has nothing to do with my Windows Manager, it belongs to a UI space. This type of sugar doesn't warrant an OS switch or even a WM switch. Thanks for your suggestion.
earwig, May 24 2006

       you could try to implement this feature using several Macro scripts while using the CTRL-left mnouse key as macro activation trigger
jvanguts, May 24 2006

       I think you misunderstand me, earwig. I'm not suggesting that you switch operating systems to get this feature, merely that it might not be a such a new idea for users of a different OS.
st3f, May 25 2006

       [BB] Shhh! - we don't want everyone to know!
hippo, May 25 2006

       On my system I:   

       Tripple click to select all of the text in the field/window.   

       Mouse to the target field/window.   

       Middle click.   

       And thats it.   

       (X-Windows style)
webfishrune, May 25 2006


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