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Fire Drill Button

Saves your work and your life...
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This big red button, attached to your computer through a USB cable, can be pushed in the event of a building evacuation. It would: Set all your communications programs to "Temporarily out of office" Save all of your open files and back them up off-site. Close all applications and shut down.

...plus whatever else you need to do , computer-wise, in the event of an emergency building evacuation. In addition, this button reports your presence to the Building Safety Manager, to assist her head count...

dbsousa, Jun 05 2003


       Cute. On a server level, this is something I suggested to my clients after 9/11, when a bunch of us stuck around getting things backed up and cut over - a single emergency script to leave running when you personally need to bolt the building.   

       I'd nix the automatic notification to the safety officer, though - s/he wants to know that you actually got out of the building, not that you started for the stairs. And someone else might press your button as a favor because you're away from your desk. (Several people who reported themselves safe during 9/11 didn't actually survive; presumably they either went back in or they were exagerrating their relative safety to try and comfort loved ones.)
DrCurry, Jun 05 2003

       By alerting the Safety Manager, I merely mean to let her know that she should be looking for that person in the parking lot, not that she should count the computer user as safe.
dbsousa, Jun 05 2003

       I feel bad for the Safety Manager having to check all of his/er email before evacuating.
Worldgineer, Jun 05 2003

       I don't think it would report the event to her e-mail, but to an integrated system that she could check on her palm pilot.   

       She would count heads, figure out who is missing, and be able to see if:   

       A) their computers are on. B) they punched out.
dbsousa, Jun 05 2003

       It should probably be one-time use only, and be stuck pressed once used, to prevent misuse. Once used, it's either burned up (as in the case of a real fire), or returned to the factory for resetting (like in a fire drill).
galukalock, Jun 05 2003

       This is a damn good idea, but not for fire drills. I'm sick of having to change state in all my various messenger programs. I'm sure using Trillian would make it easier, but still.. I just want a knob that I can twist to various positions "asleep" "afk" "phone" or whatever, and have my status indicator set accordingly.   

       Criminals might use a similar "feds at the door" button to securely delete important files, start up an innocuous-looking virtual session (anyone remember the Boss Keys in old software?), and then begin silently wiping the drive in the background.
Myself248, Jun 08 2003

       I agree with jutta on this one. Besides, what if the airplane crashes into the server room? Not much good then.
waugsqueke, Jun 08 2003

       Why not just get a relay from the buildings fire panel to do the same thing on your computer?
jason9945, Jan 02 2004

       As the UK fire service say: 'Get out, Get us out, Stay out.' Also it's only after a drill that you know that it was a drill.
oneoffdave, Jan 02 2004


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