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Fish Outa-water

mechanical bull only it's a fish
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When you practice enough and become proficient at staying on the mechanical bull, you might like to progress to the next level and climb on the back of the Fish Outa-water.

It operates in exactly the same way as the bull, except it mimics the extra leaping, lateral flexing and flapping from side to side of a fish out of water.

xenzag, Sep 18 2009

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       Is it slimy?
sninctown, Sep 19 2009

       //Is it slimy?// No, but it could have catfish style barbels to act as hand holds, and be located half in water to create even more mayhem when it thrashes about.
xenzag, Sep 20 2009

       Carpe Carp
lurch, Sep 20 2009


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