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Fit the Environment Miles Indicator

Propose yourself to walk/run more than you drive
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The question is no longer whether you fit your old pants. The question is whether you fit the environment. To check if you fit the environment - in what concerns your movement patterns - calculate the difference:

(miles walked or run) - (miles driven)

If your indicator reaches 0 or above, you’re in the club. On the positive total miles side, there is no limit. Set your own weekly, monthly or yearly records to help you reach your maximum FEMI during your lifetime.

Starting today, put your car’s miles to zero and install a distance measuring device such as a Pedometer attached to you. Day by day you will be able to compute the Indicator and get to know if you are an environmentally fit traveller in this world.The idea is particularly apropriate for people who lack specific goals or ethical purposes to lead a less sedentary lifestyle and for runners who lack milestones.

Even if you feel like you are momentarily failing in one of these purposes (for example lack the time for running this week) you can still work on the other purpose (use public transportation) and improve your environmentall fitness.

Car trips made on a work basis, car trips taken as a ride, or going with your family on summer vacation doesn’t count. Before making these trips transport your miles to the recycled notebook you keep in your car, add them to the previous total and put your car’s miles to zero again. Make sure you don’t get your notebook apreended together with your drivers licence whenever the authorities realize your FEMI is negative.

wolfandtell, Apr 07 2008

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       How would my walking (or running) as far as I drive benefit the environment? Would I not be simply emitting more CO2 than necessary?
angel, Apr 07 2008

       I imagine the intention is that at least some of the extra foot journeys would replace short car journeys.
pertinax, Apr 07 2008

       The idea is not to benefit the environment, but to benefit the ratio personnal fitness/environmental impact of driving. Anyway, considering the possibility of somebody trying to "buy" the right to pollute from running or walking, the unfair fight of "racing against your car" is already a strong disincentive to do that. Also, given a specific time period, if you use it to walk or run you won't do it for driving, so in some sense these are likely to be exclusive activities.
wolfandtell, Apr 07 2008

       I don't drive, and I do a lot of running. Where does that leave me?
lostdog, Apr 07 2008

       I flinched at "purpose yourself", but at least it prepared me for "runned".
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2008

       -You should walk or run as much as you can, what I meant (maybe in a less fortunate way) is that you will always have to be alert to your driving also - if somebody plans to adopt a non rational car usage behaviour and looks for a way to clean its consciousness it will be easier to confess (polution as just been considered a sin) than to run or walk all the miles necessary. -Consider the formula to be (miles walked or run) / (miles driven + 1) if you want to avoid the joys of FEMI infinity. -Sorry for the English mistakes, its not my first language and I need more practice, which I hope this site will help to obtain. Thanks for the comments. Its my first idea here so I ask for some indulgence about bad communication.
wolfandtell, Apr 07 2008

       /Propose yourself to walk/run more than you drive/   

       I think that (miles walked or run) - (miles driven) is more appropirate.   

       Sorry, [IT], you were too subtle.
Texticle, Apr 07 2008

       I see your point. Since I designed the index to target the vast majority of people who probably drive more than they walk or run, the ratio (miles walked or run)/ (miles driven) seemed apropriate to me, since it made possible to compute the 1st goal (walk more than you drive) as an eficiency between 0 and 1. But I recognize that the ratio became less meaningful for that minority who performed above 1, for example by not driving at all. And these are the ones who deserve more credit. Therefore, sugestion accepted and implemented. Thank you for the collaboration.
wolfandtell, Apr 08 2008

       Let's all ...
marklar, Apr 08 2008

       I sometimes walk around in my car. Does that count?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 08 2008

       [Marklar] I'm with you. Not sure how crazy I am or what the impact will be, but yesterday I started fitting the environment. Just by chance I've been offered a pedometer in the jobs canteen so took the oportunity to set the car miles(Km) to zero. Hope I will loose some belly fat and help save some iceberg. Anybody wants to join?
wolfandtell, Apr 14 2008

       [wolfandtell] search the help page for "Let's all" and you will see what I meant.
marklar, Feb 07 2009

       //(miles walked or run) - (miles driven)//
In some cases, it's a good indicator of car condition.
Amos Kito, Feb 07 2009


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