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Fitness Center at Airport

Delays at the airport? Go workout!
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The airport fitness center will be a "pay as you go" type service equipped with: 1. Fitness Clothes 2. Towels 3. Showering amendities 4. Weight lifting equipment 5. Cardio equipment 6. Yoga mats 7. Fitness rooms and instructors 8. Fitness Classes (if feasible)

If your flight is delayed, why are you only limited to libating or eating? Go get a workout and feel great for your delayed flight home!

CreativeBonnie, May 16 2013

Airport Gyms http://www.layoverg...nd-airport-gym.html
[xenzag, May 16 2013]

Airport smoking lounge to counter balance! http://tobacco.clea.../smoking-lounge.png
[xandram, May 16 2013]

http://travel.usato...ravelers/53177398/1 this article describes the Gym at SF international for example [xenzag, May 16 2013]

There does seem to be a lot of Airport gyms across the US and Canada. http://www.airportgyms.com/
[xandram, May 17 2013]

Changi airport http://www.changiai...ss-and-spa-services
Got the lot by the looks of it [skinflaps, May 17 2013]

Dear airline lounges... http://athleteyogit...itness-on-with-you/
[Ling, May 17 2013]


       Welcome to the HB [Bonnie] but this idea is baked to death. (see link) Now do the right thing, then try again.
xenzag, May 16 2013

       How about a FATness Center? It could be at the airport --- you wouldn't even have to change clothes because you wouldn't get pitted out. Worst Case Scenario: The custard filling in your donut drips onto your shirt.
Grogster, May 16 2013

       That's not baked to death, it's barely warmed. In the two states I checked (WA and NY), the closest gym was a 5 minute cab ride away, not to mention having to get back in through security. [edit: After seeing third link I'll conceed that this is mostly baked, but still not very common, and the only one I see that is actually inside the security checkpoint is the yoga room.] And I'm not sure most gyms rent exercise clothes. I doubt that's something that people at a normal gym would want, but it enables people with unexpected delays to partake in the service.   

       To get people used to the idea, make a deal with airlines to sell them really cheap passes to give to delayed passsengers. As passengers discover that this is a great way to spend the time when delayed (or even use the 30 minutes after passing through security when they arrived 2 hours early), demand should increase to the point where it can become profitable.   

       Also, customers should give their flight info so they can get a timely notification allowing them to cool down, stretch, and shower to get to the gate in a relaxed state. I can imagine that taking a long flight after over-exerting yourself would not be a good experience.
scad mientist, May 16 2013

       One of the problems is that delays are frequently not of a known length (sometimes, yes, but often not), and the last thing I want to be sitting next to on an eight hour flight is someone who was an hour and a half into a two hour workout and who ran for the plane without time to shower.
MechE, May 16 2013

       Well, if there happens to be a gym somewhere near an airport somewhere, that doesn't make this WKTE. Additionally, [Bonnie]'s idea encapsulates a business model as well.   

       One alternative would be for the various clubs and lounges to offer this service (and therefore it becomes subscribed).   

       I travel for work sometimes, and in Australia it's not like there's a flight every hour to all destinations. A stopover would average at 2-3 hours, sometimes much more - and I would pay not insignificant ammounts for access to exercise equipment when stuck at airports. Thus far I have never found myself with a gym within reach.   

Custardguts, May 16 2013

       //That's not baked to death, it's barely warmed// The point is, this is NOT an original idea, as it already exists. I am just giving the author the opportunity to delete it themselves, as they are new here. Rigor is one of the great attributes of the Halfbakery.
xenzag, May 16 2013

       [+] Seems like a good idea, but if you're expecting enough customers to fill 8 fitness classes, I don't think 1 pair of fitness clothes and 2 towels will be enough.
swimswim, May 16 2013

       [xen] An idea that is baked but not WKTE is a legitimate half bakery idea. There is no need to delete it.
MechE, May 16 2013

       //...Rigor is one of the great attributes of the Halfbakery...//   

       Irony Alert: Rigor mortis is one of the great attributes of the half bakers.
Grogster, May 17 2013

       What about recruitment agencies? Already employed? Hate to travel?   

       Unemployed and want to travel?
4and20, May 17 2013

       Most airports have those travelator things...which can be used as slow running machines, I suppose.
Ling, May 17 2013

       I am not deleting this idea because an idea is nothing unless it's implemented. Even if there are articles with this idea, please tell me which airports have fitness centers in them. Not 5 miles away, but in them. (oh and I forgot to add large locker storage for carry-ons. :-) If anyone wants to add to this idea, have fun! Oh and thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
CreativeBonnie, May 17 2013

       //I am not deleting this idea because an idea is nothing unless it's implemented// - for example? There are ideas on this site for blowing up entire planets. They're never going to be implemented. That's what makes them halfbaked ideas. I think you need to consider what being halfbaked really means.   

       At least the majority of what you propose has to be original.   

       Now if you proposed waiting passengers being assembled en masse in the shape of an airliner, and marching them up and down the runway in formation as a form of pre-fight exercise, that would get my vote.
xenzag, May 17 2013

       [xen...] fighting with someone who is both creative and bonnie is fait a compli. Anyone with a desire to exercise when informed that their plane is delayed (again), as opposed to libate, is by definition Under Review!
4whom, May 17 2013

       Add huge trampolines,you'd get a work-out and if you're lucky you might just get the chance to grab onto a aircraft in flight.
skinflaps, May 17 2013

       Perhaps if the idea name stated "IN the airport" there would be less debate about its bakedness. And while we're changing the title, how about calling it an "Activity Centre"?   

       A stranded traveler's workout needn't be a full-on, heart-pounding, hit-the-wall sweat festival. Many waylaid folks would benefit from milder activities as a way to pass the time.   

       For example, I often see Tai Chi practitioners in my local parks, but they're not wearing spandex and dripping sweat. And the meditation aspect of such an activity would go a long way to easing the stress of flying.
Canuck, May 17 2013

       never been there... never expect to be.   

       [xen] your first link is about how to find a gym near an airport, the second about a yoga room (with no supplementary facilities like a locker-room or attendant) inside an airport. Why don't you post a third link pointing to a photo of a somebody carrying an Adidas bag with an airplane flying overhead in the background ?
FlyingToaster, May 17 2013

       For that matter just bring your own yoga mat (or purchase a disposable one at a vending machine) and find a vacant corner.
FlyingToaster, May 17 2013

       One need not have exercise clothes if one exercises naked, and one need not be ashamed of ones nakedness if it is completely dark. The exercise room could serve double duty as a shower by having a constant gentle rain of water from above. This water could be tough on the exercise equipment over time and so there would be none - users of the facility would wrestle other users they encountered, and exercise would ensue.
bungston, May 17 2013

       [bungston], I just don't know. Part of my thinks that's a grand idea, and part of me fears encountering a MMA professional in need of some exercise in the dark.   

       Can you graduate it by levels or something so I can have a chance of playing in my own league?   

       Or perhaps you could have combat and non-combat areas.   

       [CreativeBonnie], welcome to the Halfbakery. Did they warn you about what can happen to your ideas here?
normzone, May 17 2013

       // Why don't you post a third link// [FlyingToaster] Why don't you confine your comments about the merits or lack of them concerning the idea, instead of telling me what links to post?
xenzag, May 17 2013

       I agree, because that link is super hard to find. But if you link it up that will help. That means you, Grogster. Help them out here.
bungston, May 17 2013

       Well, one way to make this unique would be to pair it with flywheel-powered aircraft, charged up while they are on the ground.   

       First class only have to pedal a bit, cattle class (i.e. me) have to do all the work.
not_morrison_rm, May 17 2013

       [xen] because your links, while relevant to the idea, aren't grounds for a "WKTE" mfd call ?
FlyingToaster, May 17 2013

       so your objection "unworkable" rather than WKTE ? you really can't have it both ways you know.
FlyingToaster, May 17 2013

       I've never heard of one (Cali's a bit out of my stomping grounds) and never heard of one.
FlyingToaster, May 17 2013

       The local one has a room designated as mutli-denominational chapel... not the same thing.
FlyingToaster, May 17 2013

       [CreativeBonnie], see link "Dear airlines"...creative minds think alike?
Ling, May 17 2013


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