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Glide extender for Hang Gliders
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You take one of the new topless Hang Gliders and install an oversized hinge at the middle of the bar that goes across the keel, from leading edge to leading edge, so them wings can swing up and down. Then you tie this hinge to the keel with enough sandows to keep the wings level on flight. Now you run two ropes from both sides of the arness stirrup to the hooking carabiner, through pulleys placed next to your waist. Rope's lenght is just enough to let you rest with your knees slightly flexed. When you extend your legs, you will raise yourself (or lower the keel) which pulls from the sandows, which flaps the wings, which produces forward trust and enhances your glide ratio. Could be hard to fly and flap at the same time, though.
finflazo, Apr 19 2004

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       (not knowing about the topless hang gliders, resolves to looking up more often)
Worldgineer, Apr 19 2004

       Would require much more complex articulation that what you describe to provide thrust, but it could be done, I think.
5th Earth, Apr 20 2004

       Yeah, and fill the "oversized hinge" with helium...   

       And then cut the mass of the earth in half...   

       and maybe the a small percentage of the greatest athletes on earth, could, with intensive training, enjoy easily several second more in flight.
xylene, Apr 20 2004

       Good objections. Thanks. Worldgineer, a top less hang glider has no "top" structures, i.e. mast or wiring. All negative charges are taken by an "oversized hinge" at the cross bar center, which also enables folding. 5 th Earth, of course the hinge must articulate horizontal and vertically, that is, a universal joint, same as at the cross bar-leading edge junction. Zanzibar, I dont pretend to fly like a bird, taking of vertically, but only extend the actual glide ratio of about 14/1 to say, 20/1. Also, my weight is compensated by the sandows, muscle power poviding only a weak flapping, enough to change the pressure gradient and blow some air back, thus pushing forward a bit. Actual hang gliders make an 100 miles flight not uncommon, so this is perhaps wholly superfluous, but think about the shocking value !. And it happens I made this Quetzacoatlus model, 45' wingspan, that carries me easily, only it's a fixed wing glider. Some flapping will really improve the image !. Xilene, you never flew an hang glider, did you?. They DO have that oversized hinge, but, much to my regret, volume is too low for helium to have merit. You could use the helium to speak like Micky Mouse, though. Good idea cutting the Earth mass in half, but you must keep the radius unchanged, then the effect would be ...awesome!. And what about some very BIG flippers and go beating them around?. Well, it's a great site and I like it very much. Kind of oil your neurons. Love you all, finflazo de turroai del 30.
finflazo, Apr 20 2004


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