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Floating platforms protect goods in floods

A full platform below a beachhouse type design, floating platforms in the basement protect things from floods
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Flood resistant structure. Build a house on poles like beach house. At the base of the poles secure a hollow platform and place all of your items you wish to store on or in the platform.

All electrical outlets and connections are on the roof of the beach house design storage area with extension cords reaching the platform. When cars and stored goods are left on the platform during flood the platform will rise to keep the stuff from going under water.

Preferably the house would be on even taller than conventional beach house poles to allow room for stored items when the platform lifts during floods. Stored items would have to be protected from crushing if the platform raised high enough to do so.

Also, small floating platforms available in different sizes can be placed in your basement, or crawl space if you deem it tall enough, to float paperwork, electrical tools or other water sensitive items.

Sunstone, Apr 26 2020

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       The consumer durables went in two by two, hurrah, hurrah.
pertinax, Apr 26 2020

       Why does it need to be buoyant ? With a suitable pressure hull, an oxygen-regeneration plant, a couple of nuclear reactors and a Netflix subscription, you can just sit tight and wait for the water to recede, or cruise away to somewhere more salubrious if you paid the extra for the propeller, rudder and gyrocompass option pack.
8th of 7, Apr 26 2020

       instead of taking the pontoon boat to the lake, live in the pontoon boat and wait for the lake to come to you
sninctown, Apr 26 2020


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