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Floor Hole Vacuum

Vacuums up dirt after sweeping
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What I need in my home is a hole in the floor, in a discreet place.. I sweep my house and push all the dirt towards this hole in the floor.. as I pass the broom over it an optical sensor senses the broom and activates a vacuum that sucks up all the dirt that I just swept up.. saves me getting the dust pan and brush out.
duncan_m, Oct 30 2007

A basic version http://www.woodpeck.com/floorsweep.html
[jhomrighaus, Oct 31 2007]

a pro version http://www.kogerair.com/comp19.html
[jhomrighaus, Oct 31 2007]

A VacuSweep is easily located into the plinth of a kitchen or skirting of a boxed section. It is not easy to locate into the skirting of a solid wall. http://www.centralv...co.uk/vacuum/do.htm
[the dog's breakfast, Oct 31 2007]


       Okay, I know that these exsisted in my high-school tech room. I don't know if they were built by one of the teachers or bought. It was a shallow pit in the concrete floor that had a hose connected to the vacume system. It was finished with sheet metal. You swept up the floor into it and switched on the vacume. Worked great.
evilpenguin, Oct 31 2007

       Most dust collection systems have a floor level intake port for this exact purpose. Ill see if I can find a link.
jhomrighaus, Oct 31 2007

       Crap. Beaten to the punch! Saw one somewhere too that incorporated the entire skirting (small gap under it) and an always on low volume vac- anything that got stirred up was drawn toward the skirting and removed.
the dog's breakfast, Oct 31 2007

       Barbers could use such a thing as an attachment to the base of the chair, hair clippings could be removed by simply sweeping them toward the center of the base. It could be the same vacuum as used for the hand vac most barbers use, or sold to replace it.
DonaldNoyes, Oct 31 2007

       [+] but an almost-as-good arrangement would just have a shallow "dust bucket" embedded in the floor.
FlyingToaster, Feb 27 2009

       My parents had the manual version installed when we renovated in 2005–2006. They go in the baseboards/toe- kicks and have a kick-lever to open/close the valve and signal the central vacuum sucker to suck. When I saw the idea title, I was going to come here and say what I just said, and that, therefore, this idea was unoriginal. That seems to be what the previous annotators have done. However, I have yet to see one that activates automatically using an optical sensor. That would be cool.
notexactly, Mar 18 2018


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