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Fly Kite

Kite made from a dead fly.
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Nope. Actually I was thinking of a power kite made easily enough adjustable to fly with. Like kite jumping only higher and further. Like man lifting only without tether.
goomba, Jan 13 2004

Giant Fly Kite http://www.dijitali...5ED-34CC55E20280%7D
Baked? [8th of 7, Nov 12 2012]


       Please explain in more detail.
silverstormer, Jan 13 2004

       Like a hot air balloon only without hot air.
goomba, Jun 28 2004

       So you want a remote control hang glider without a pilot?   

       Hope nothing happened to goomba in the crash...
pashute, Nov 12 2012

8th of 7, Nov 12 2012


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