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Follow logical next link

Moving on without moving to the bottom
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This is NOT the "Go Forward One Page" command you can use after backing up to a prior page. This one would take you to a page you may never have visited before. It is the next page in the logical sense.
Many web sites post blogs, news articles, search results and other information that is broken up into multiple pages, logically sequenced. A Google search is a good example: "Result page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next" near the bottom. News articles are another example. These almost always appear at the bottom, and nowhere else.
Having become thoroughly spoiled by mouse gestures, I'd like a gesture that lets me jump to the next logical page without having to scroll to the bottom and mouse-click the Next label.
Might require an HTML tag just for this purpose.
millionthMonkeyTyping, Jan 12 2005

Link Toolbar for Firefox http://extensionroo...re-info/linktoolbar
This huge page has a link to the extension, and describes the keyboard shortcuts in the user comments. [caspian, Jan 12 2005]

halfbakery search http://neilphillips.com/halfbakery.zip
search plugin for halfbakery (stick in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins ) [neilp, Jan 13 2005]


       Opera discovers links like that, and Firefox can with an extension (Link Toolbar, not in the default list of extensions), so that part of it has been done.   

       I don't know if either can be used with mouse gestures. They both use a standard HTML tag if it's in the page, and I believe they guess based on link titles otherwise.   

       The Firefox one, which I just tried out today, has keyboard shortcuts (which I prefer over my old mouse on its tiny space of messy desk) but I only found these by searching the web.   

       [later] Oh yeah, lynx has a little support for the standard HTML "next" link, but I'd be really really surprised if it had mouse gestures.
caspian, Jan 12 2005

       great idea [1Mth].
neilp, Jan 13 2005

       millionthMonkey congrats on having the widest profile page on record.   

       Thanks, [2fsoahm], from me and my 999,999 buddies.
Two fries, or not two fries, that is indigestion...
millionthMonkeyTyping, Jan 13 2005

       Hmmm... [Caspian] I did a Google search, looked at the html code to see how they implemented the Next function. Don't see the <next> tag anywhere.
millionthMonkeyTyping, Jan 14 2005

       There is already a standard HTML tag for this purpose. It looks like this:   

       <LINK rel="prev" href="chapter4.html">   

       Unfortunately, very few pages include this tag. Probably many authors of HTML aren't even aware of it.
krelnik, Jan 15 2005

       [krelnik] described what the standard one looks like (but next instead of prev). Since Google doesn't use that I think the browser has to notice that the link has the text "Next" or some other likely looking word displayed to the user.
caspian, Jan 15 2005

       AutoPager is the best way of doing this.
dranorter, Jun 15 2009

       Harking back to the early days of the web, does anyone else remember "web rings"?
hippo, Jun 16 2009

       Yep. You can cure them with ointment.
DrBob, Jun 16 2009


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