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Food Rater

Rate specific dishes and find those establishments quickly
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Give users the ability to rate a dish (lets say, 'california burritos') and offer the ratings to other users when searching for the same.

I am very aware that you can kind of get these results with Yelp. But not really. Say I search for "california burritos' on Yelp. Well, a bunch of places will pop up. But how can I be CERTAIN that the place really sells CBs, and how certain am I of the quality of the particular CB at any given establishment? Of course I have no certainty at all, unless a bunch of people happen to rave about CBs in the reviews. But that is a hit and miss affair.

bammin, Mar 17 2015


       The title made me think of dinnerware and cutlery. You may want to revise it.   

       The best fish tacos come from a roach coach parked at an old garage on 30th south of 8. Been twice can't say exactly where. They can likely make a CB as well.
popbottle, Mar 17 2015


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