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Forehead Scrolling Ticker

Broadcast useful info to the world, right from your face
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Instead of having to convey information to everybody individually, a scrolling ticker could be installed on the forehead. The person on whose face it resided could enter their own information for display at public places such as bars (i.e. "45 year-old divorced gemini, likes cats" or "here to drink heavily, please do not disturb"), conventions ("ask me about my defibrilators!"), or sporting/music events ("need two front row Kenny G tickets"). Users could indicate a variety of other valuable tidbits such as mood or last movie seen.

Additionally, automated reporting could be established to show bodily statistics such as heart rate, blood sugar, and temperature. This could aid paramedics.

merlinmorland, Jun 17 2002

Technology to make this one possible http://www.universaldisplay.com/foled.php
Certainly bakeable. With graphics even. [half, Jun 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       N E E D 2 T I C K E T S T O Y A N N I C O N C E R T T O N I T E . B Y T H E W A Y M Y B L O O D S U G A R I S G E T T I N G L O W - N E E D D O N U T S .
polartomato, Jun 17 2002

       I D O N T K N O W W H A T T H A T S M E L L I S - B U T I T I S N T M E - H O N E S T L Y
quarterbaker, Jun 17 2002

       T h i s - s p a c e - i n t e n t i o n a l l y - l e f t - b l a n k .
beauxeault, Jun 17 2002

       Q u i t s t a r i n g a t m y f o r e h e a d.
calum, Jun 17 2002

       N O T T O N I G H T , I H A V E A H E A D A C H E . . .
phoenix, Jun 18 2002

       Maybe with graphical capabilities and a scrolling Dilbert cartoon or two, I might be able to convince myself that people were actually paying attention to me.   

       Joke - akin to "... was so ugly...porkchop around neck...dogs to play with him": "That guy was so ugly that his mom had to run cartoons on his forehead to get the other kids to look at his face"
half, Jun 18 2002

       Hammacher Schlemer sells a hat with a small LCD display on it. Not too readble, though. An LED scrolling nametag is also somewhat baked (I've built and worn one) and is much more legible in a semi-dark room. Having to keep four AA's in a pocket is a nuisance, though.
supercat, Jun 19 2002

       Maybe the scrolling display should go all the way around the head as a fashionable headband? That way if you're sulking into your beer they won't even need to tap you on the shoulder to find out that you are 'do not disturb'.
blowfish, Jun 20 2002


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