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Odometer tells you how far you have gone in fractions
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Just drove up from Florida to New York, and what I did to keep occupied (apart from driving) was work out what fraction of the journey had gone. eg, 100 miles = 1/12, 200 miles = 16, 450 miles = 3/8. I would enter my starting and ending destination, and use GPS to determing exactly what fraction of the juurney is left, taking into consideration any detours I make
senatorjam, Aug 05 2003


       It would be cute if it used real fractions -- e.g
1546 / 2941
rather than decimals.
phundug, Aug 05 2003

       She: Well, finally. Here we are! Just look at that canyon! what an amazing sight!
He: Um, honey...something's wrong. The fractometer only reads 19/20. I think we must've missed part of the trip.
She: What're you talking about? The Grand Canyon is right in front of us!
He: <shifting the car into reverse> It must've been that detour we had to take at Flagstaff. We've got to go back and complete the trip.
She: Let me out of this car right now!
beauxeault, Aug 05 2003

       damn, I thought this was a fractal-meter, which would warrant a +, this is.. math.
neilp, Aug 05 2003

       I dunno. We usually pace ourselves by those road signs that say, for example, "Grand Canyon 2,000 miles."
DrCurry, Aug 05 2003

       I think the title should be "Fractiodometer" rather than "Fractodometer," but then, that's just me.
bristolz, Aug 05 2003

       Or part of you anyway.
angel, Aug 05 2003

       Actually, I thought it ought to be called the Floridometer.
DrCurry, Aug 05 2003

       I first misread this as having something to do with fractals - so the closer you look at the dial, the more accurately it tells you how far you have travelled (ie. kilometres, metres, centimetres, millimetres, micrometres, nanometres ad infinitum).
vigilante, Aug 05 2003


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