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Frame Tilter

Slowly tilts picture frame.
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When visiting people whom you dislike's houses, slyly place the Frame Tilter behind their picture frames.

It sits snugly in next to the frame edge and, very slowly, moves the picture frame clockwise.

It moves up to 15 degrees clockwise, then back to 15 degrees anticlockwise.

This shall infuriate people. Unless they're such slobs that they don't care. But never mind.

dbmag9, Jul 26 2006

Anti-Frame Tilter Straighten_20Up!
I miss you [bris] [methinksnot, Jul 26 2006]

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       what a fab idea!   

       slip some bacon into the hem of the curtain...   

       did I hate you at some point? I forget. yeah, I think you were an annoying twit but you're growing on me...
po, Jul 26 2006

       I'm already mad just thinking about it...+   

       <slams keyboard>
xandram, Jul 26 2006

       People who worry about tilted picture frames *should* be teased for the amusement of us slobs. So, yeah [+]
7ennyn, Jul 26 2006

       Wouldn't work in my house because I have installed beloved [Bristolz]' "Straighten Up!" everywhere. That and the fact we're a jolly bunch of lovable, friendly sods.
methinksnot, Jul 26 2006


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