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Fuel cell train

Train that uses methane fuel cells.
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A locomotive that uses Solid oxide fuel cells that runs the electric motor of the train. A car follows the locomotive that stores LNG liquefied natural gas. The LNG is converted into compressed natural gas to run the fuel cells. Excess heat is used to run a steam generator.
travbm, Nov 02 2015


DenholmRicshaw, Nov 08 2015

       I think this idea is better than the other one. Its streamlined. The idea is understood as stated.   

       ALTHOUGH, as already stated, why? Just because something is "cool," and it would probably work, there is nothing immediately present here that makes this a good idea. But seriously, you're going in the right direction with your idea structure,
evilpenguin, Nov 08 2015

       [trav], this is the last idea in your list? What happen. Butter make it count, bub.
the porpoise, Nov 08 2015

       //nothing immediately present here that makes this a good idea//   

       except methane emitting 30% less CO2 than diesel, and fuel-cell efficiency being about 1.5x that of diesel+generator ?
FlyingToaster, Nov 08 2015

       A data curve of annoyance is an offset of the graph that plots idea valuation. Learn etiquette first, people are forgiving if the trying is honest. Remember change from the inside will always mean a bit of self change.
wjt, Nov 09 2015


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