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Full Moon corona virus remedy

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Right, I will say this only once…

(lights go down,click of a slide projector)

As we all know, dogs are immune to the corona virus

(click )

So if a human is attacked by a werewolf (scary pics, gouts of blood,etc) will get partial immunity to the corona virus but only at full moon.

(click )

NMRM Labs is working towards to an erzatz moon every night, so 100% safety.

Thinking about it,Elon Musk will have a few erzatz moons of his own. .

not_morrison_rm, Nov 02 2020


       Pharma companies are working on vaccines using the rodent model; felids, mustelids, chiroptera, primates ... just about all mammals can acquire and carry the virus in one variant or another.   

       Was there a mention of "biological reservoirs" ... ? Oh yes, back in April, six months ago ... and oh look, the virus hasn't gone away ...   

       Canines aren't immune, they're just pretty much asymptomatic.   

       So, being bitten by a werwolf may protect you from coronavirus, but it might also give you a whole extra range of new and interesting problems, rabies being the least of them ...
8th of 7, Nov 02 2020

       I heard of one cat out west catching it. Dogs, Schmogs. Who cares. hahahaha, now that should piss a few folks off for sure. hahahaha, and you all know I was kidding. I love all living creatures, except for stink bugs. I can't let my cat play with them or he'll bite em releasing their foulness, they fly too high for me to catch and release so they haunt me, taunt me, and mostly daunt me into submission. Bastards. Wait, what were we talking about...?
blissmiss, Nov 02 2020

       Spiders ? Huge, long-legged hairy black spiders in your bathroom ? Creeping up on you in the darkness ?   

       // Dogs, Schmogs. Who cares. hahahaha, now that should piss a few folks off for sure. //   

       For sure.   

       // hahahaha, and you all know I was kidding.//   

       Really ? Have you heard the term "sense of humour failure" ? You should do, it's very much a female thing ...
8th of 7, Nov 02 2020

       I should do what? You lost me on that one. Spiders, schmiders...them too.
blissmiss, Nov 02 2020


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