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Fun way to go

Fun way to go
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Try roller blades with a weed wacker tucked under your arm. The wacker head is removed and replaced with a rubber tired wheel. The wheel is pressed down on the pavement to go and lifted up to stop (eventually).
wow, Dec 22 2002

The Wheelers http://www.ozfilms....n_char_wheelers.gif
How about a wheel for each hand and foot? [Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004]


       Are you sure a weed whacker generates enough torque to pull me around?
snarfyguy, Dec 22 2002

       I'm thinking no...definitely no...something bad would surely happen. Any idea that involves a week whacker is set for the local ER.
waxingpoetic, Dec 23 2002

       Must be my morbid sense of humor. When I saw the article title in the "recent" list, I figured it was "go" as in "die".
LoriZ, Dec 23 2002

       I interpreted it as excretion of fecal matter.
ImBack, Dec 23 2002

       Loriz- I also thought this post was about a fun way to die.
colaaddict, Dec 23 2002

       // Any idea that involves a week whacker//

How does one go about whacking weeks, exactly?
AfroAssault, Dec 24 2002

       This is transportation, not culture. The culture part is having people accept it, like in Paris, were you can skate everywhere (stores, the metro...) - like having a superpower.   

       The only time I want extra propulsion is up big ass hills when I'm late and I've got a heavy pack. For this, I have passing trucks and busses (except when this stupid cab driver gets behind me and leans on the horn the whole way to warn the truck driver he's picked up a lamprey).   

       (Btw: Rollerblade brand sucks, although new ones do have Kevlar laces - real life-saver when somebody shoots you in the shoelace.)   

       It would, of course, work better with a Razor (baked). Just call it the Segway LT - does exactly the same thing, 1/50th the price.   

       I thought the same as [blissmiss], [LoriZ] and [colaadict]. With weed-whacker propulsion and no helmet, it probably would be.
rowlycat, Dec 24 2002


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