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Funicular Spoon

Mechanically assisted, soup consumption method
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For the ultra lazy, who cannot even be bothered lifting a spoon.

The Funicular Spoon apparatus (steam powered of course) is a short section of cogged track and traversing engine, complete with dipping spoon, all of which you attach to one of your arms.

Once in place and switched on, the Funicular Spoon dutifully descends the length of your static arm, and scoops up a portion of soup from the bowl. It then rises slowly back up the arm, its tiny gimbles and gyros ensuring that not a drop is spilled, as it navigates the corner of your elbow. On reaching the zenith of its climb, the buffers at the end of track trigger the spoon to be extended into your waiting mouth, upon which the return journey is activated.

xenzag, May 06 2006

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       So, the trained spoonbill got jealous of all your other birds and walked out?
ConsulFlaminicus, May 06 2006

       Just get a monkey to feed you.
miggavin, May 06 2006

AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 06 2006

       Ab - I seem to find both spellings... which is correct? Vernicular/Funicular? have changed to Funicular version   

       Miggavin - you can come around and feed me any time.
xenzag, May 06 2006

       Trained marsupials would be great for this job. [NotTheSharpestSpoon] has some going cheap.
methinksnot, May 07 2006

       Like it. Though, from the title, I had imagined a spoon with a handle the length of an Alpine Horn rather than something that merely climbs up your arm. + from me.
DrBob, May 08 2006

       I thought this would be another type of runcible spoon.
bungston, May 09 2006

       Sorry [methinksnot], I hired them all out into political offices. Except one- he's working in some kind of research lab. Something about the effects of a web site designed to hook and addict people to it through just the use of words and ideas.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 09 2006

       bungston - thought the Funicular bit in the title might have been a bit of a give away as to what it was, though I do like the idea of runcible spoon as well - (Owl and Pussycat memories)
xenzag, May 09 2006

       Funi-cular, or funi-haha?   

       What happens if you can't turn it off?
EvilPickels, May 09 2006

       you die and it digs a hole and pushes you in, in which case it becomes the Funerical Spoon
xenzag, May 09 2006


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