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Gamer's Commentary

Computer game includes a "director's commentary"
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Computer games of every variety should have similar features to DVDs. Adding a commentary by the game designers or whoever came up with the concept would surely be a big draw for hardcore gamers and would allow the player to get a sense of how the game was developed from idea to product.
brewmaster, Apr 03 2002

An example from one game http://www.camelotherald.com
Dark Age of Camelot's Development site. But this game changes with frequent updates. [1kester, Apr 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       What are you wearing to the next Trekkie convention?
thumbwax, Apr 03 2002

       Personally I would find this tedious and pointless, but as Star Trek conventions prove, some people like boring things and are willing to pay extortionate amounts of money for them.   

       What about special editions of classic computer games complete with these features? History shows us that people will buy "special" edition rehashes of anything (see Star Wars).
brewmaster, Apr 03 2002

       IIRC, the original version of Myst had a "bonus" video that was just what you describe.
beauxeault, Apr 03 2002

       Most games largely promote their websites--and an increasing number of these websites host development chats, development logs, development musings, and/or development diaries. Unlike putting such info on the installation disks, posting it on the web in hypertext makes it more malleable, more up to date, and less timebound.   

       If a software company has a big game in development, it may advertise it over a year before the release. Interested gamers often can go to the software companies' websites and read the development notes and/or try to get in as beta testers . Lately, I've been playing some old Commodore 64 games. You can download the games and Commodore 64 emulators for free, so selling the classics may not work. Some of the Commodore 64 game websites print retrospect-type interviews with the developers.   

       At an electronics store, I did see a CD that has many Atari games on it, but I would rather download the pirated copies.
1kester, Apr 03 2002

       Bad move. I don't usually watch all the 'extra' stuff on the DVD, yet the price of the DVD is increased for it. All this would do to a PC game would be to raise the price for something a lot of people would not care about. If you are going to market it, do it as a separate CD, you will probably make more that way.
dag, Apr 03 2002

       "This part didn't add anything to the gameplay, and it doesn't make sense when considered to the rest of the plot, but we thought it looked neat."
bookworm, Apr 04 2002

       Star Wars: Rogue Leader for the Gamecube has just that. Using a code, you can enable level-approriate audio commentary that plays during gameplay.   

       I'd like to see more of it, though. Especially from "legend" designers such as Miyamoto.
Qinopio, Apr 04 2002


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