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Gearhead, the spa

For the men and women who ride.
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Motorcycle people are dirty and leathery. I think they could use facials, but they probably feel silly going to traditional spas made for women who own little dogs who wear coats. What we need is a spa for gearheads.

Leave with immaculate skin, that smells of motor oil, not tea tree oil.

futurebird, Dec 10 2003


       As long as I can have the smell of 2-stroke (synthetic only).   

       You can always tell the 2-stroke riders by that certain odeur d'huile. <dreams of warmer, dryer riding days coming>
Klaatu, Dec 10 2003

       //Motorcycle people are dirty and leathery.//
I am after a track ride ... some expholiation treatment might be nice after I'm done attracting grime and the smell of exhaust.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 10 2003

       No respect UnaBubba?
Doesn't seem like a bad idea to me, although need to replace that beer with something else, maybe a soak in warm coffee or tea?
soundman, Dec 10 2003

Letsbuildafort, Dec 10 2003

       What about tea tree motor oil? +
sartep, Dec 10 2003

       I recently bought a pair of Indian (motorcycles) sunglasses, and yep, they smelled like motor oil. I think it was impregnated in the cleaning cloth...
simonj, Dec 10 2003

       i think there should be a sister spa to this for hill folk, honkeys, hill billies, red necks, and the cast of the movie Deliverence.
Space-Pope, Dec 10 2003

       Not for your bike. The tea tree oil exfoliates skin while the motor oil makes you smell fresher.
sartep, Dec 10 2003

       You wash your Hog at the Turkish Biker-baths, I think.
moPuddin, Dec 10 2003


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