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Gemstone Implants

Display precious gems directly in fingers
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Thereby eliminating the need for rings. Alternatively, by replacing fingernails with gems, you could also do away with the need for manicures. Also suitable for eyebrows, cheeks, and other sites currently popular with the body piercing crowd.

[pottedstu/2 fries: c'mon guys, I think even you can tell the difference between gluing gemstones onto your skin, and surgically implanting them.]

DrCurry, Mar 09 2003

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       Stealing jewelry just got much easier. And more gruesome.
galukalock, Mar 09 2003

       If Google wasn't at present broken, I'd try and find links for the common (if tacky) practice of attaching small and generally cheap gemstones to fingernails. I say, baked.
pottedstu, Mar 09 2003

       you'd paint them neon-blue silly.
po, Mar 09 2003

       Don't women in India already do this to their foreheads?   

       Just reading a book on Marco Polo; it seems that implanting precious and semi-precious stones subcutaneously was quite widespread in Asia at that time.
DrCurry, Jan 18 2008


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