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Gene Menagerie

Simply insert the animal gene of your choice
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Top level biomedical scientists may one day be able to deliver the ultimate in body enhancement...the gene insertion of your choice. Simply choose your favourite trait, ie a cheetah's speed, a fox's cunning, a bowhead whale's longevity (and enormous genitalia) etc... The trait could be neutralised by inserting a complete human genome when desired. The possiblities would be endless. Unless you accidently got hold of a sloth's slowness gene or a panda's gene for libido.
stickyman, Mar 05 2001

Transmetropolitan Site http://www.transmetropolitan.com
This critically-acclaimed, Eisner-nominated comic is available in most comic book stores and is "suggested for mature readers" [dare99, Mar 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       I've heard it said that the true sign that society has integrated some aspect of technology is that children are able to use it to piss off adults.   

       As soon as kids of conservatives can take a shot or a pill to change their racial (or species) characteristics, genetic technology will have come of age.
centauri, Mar 05 2001

       Heheh. I once had a dream that people who lived in the jungle had the abilities to rearrange tourists atoms by having them simply stand under this thing made of bamboo and coconuts. My point is that maybe scientists can rearrange atoms? Also, how does laser surgery work for the eyes? Supposing we combine some of our best technologies, such as liposuction and plastic surgery at its best, we can get soemthing going, here. We may even release devices in the form of implants able to read brain waves, interpret thoughts (such as a computer does with binary coding), then make them happen. But you know waht? I wouldn't trust the society. We'd ahve to be living in a highly utopian-type place, unless you want lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) running around killing people. Or if someone morphed into a quark and took over someone else's brain and made them kill someone or any other similar situations (though I don't think the quark thing is possible). Perhaps, we can even figure out a way to make organic materials suddenly appear by speeding up the reproduction of certain cells. How about it? OOC: If you had enormous genetilia, where would you put it? I mean, suppose you had a rather lengthy bit of manhood and you turned around in a crowded place? Wouldn't it be embarassing to be knocked over in that fashion?
Turin, Nov 23 2001

       now you can go back under your shroud
po, Nov 23 2001

       po: sorry, but he needs it to hide his enormous genetilia.
pottedstu, Nov 23 2001

       don't get many of them to the pound!
po, Nov 23 2001

       Kind of baked in the comic "Transmetropolitan" by Warren Ellis. Future people can have all sorts of "Traits" added, including alien ones (leading to the transient community, half human, half zeta reticulan), anyway enough, go read it!
dare99, Nov 23 2001

       <points and laughs at stickyman>   

       You have no F&%#ing clue do you?
madradish, Nov 03 2002


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