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Glasses mounted parabolic ear trumpets

Hear better for cheap.
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Hearing aids. They are spendy! Plus they make your ear sore, and you hear a lot of worthless stuff you would like to ignore. Plus you flush them down the toilet, and when you get new ones, they are spendy!

BUNGCO feels your pain. We here have noted for some time that a cupped hand behind the ear enhances hearing. The glasses-mounted parabolic ear trumpets (PETs!) are made of fashionable semiopaque plastic. They clip onto your glasses and provide a curved plastic structure that augments hearing in a manner similar to having hands behind your ears, but better: these are perfectly shaped for the application, and absorb less sound than your mushy hands.

Best: they are cheap at $5 a pair! Buy a set for each pair of your glasses. Give them out to all the oldsters at the home! With the PETs, everyone can hear better.

Coming soon: fashion printed PETS with rhinestones, flowers, flags, or bat wings.

bungston, Nov 11 2009

Virtual Museum of Ear Trumpets http://www.phisick.com/zent.htm#hearing
Damn, but the internet is a wonderful place! [DrBob, Nov 11 2009]

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       This one needs an illustration.
DrWorm, Nov 11 2009

       A splendid fashion accessory even if they don't work. I'll have a dozen please.
DrBob, Nov 11 2009

       // tiny (comparatively) eyes, and on the sides of their head? //   

       Yes. They're called "managers". They have (comparatively) tiny brains, too. They make a distinctive squauking nise, and crap over everything.   

       // I'll have a dozen please. //   

       How many heads do you have ?
8th of 7, Nov 11 2009

       Just the one at present but I might start collecting some extra ones in order to show off my fashionable collection of ear trumpets. Would you like to come round for tea, by the way?
DrBob, Nov 11 2009

       //They are spendy!// - bun   

       //you hear a lot of worthless stuff you would like to ignore// - bun   

       //fashionable semiopaque plastic// - bun   

       //absorb less sound that your mushy hands// - bun   

wagster, Nov 11 2009

       I am sure it would look just great on you... like giant mirrored elephant ears.
Rmac, Nov 11 2009

       Wonderful idea, though some piercings may get in the way. I love this (Oh yeah, "spendy", another bun from me too!)
blissmiss, Nov 11 2009

       This is what the HalfBakery exists for - Bun!
Twizz, Nov 12 2009

       Yeah. You had me at spendy.
Jinbish, Nov 12 2009

       "HOW'S THAT?!??" [+]
knowtion, Nov 12 2009

       "COW'S FAT?!??"
Jinbish, Nov 12 2009


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