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Glitch Mulligan

Don't lose points or lives due to glitches.
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My idea is for video games to detect when a freezing/ unresponsiveness glitch has occurred, and if you lost a life, any money or any points during that glitch it awards you the points/money/life back as soon as the glitch has passed.
21 Quest, Nov 20 2010


       With modern games such "freezing" is generally caused by latency spikes. Since the server cannot know for sure everything that is going on at your end, its impossible to remedy this in the fashion you described without opening huge potential for abuse of the remedy mechanism.
Spacecoyote, Nov 20 2010

       How so? The worst you could do by cheating is break even, right?
21 Quest, Nov 20 2010

       If this refers to a stand-alone machine, then the computer would have to think about how to respond while it was paralyzed, which seems like an error in logic.

       But then again, video games are largely unresponsive glitches that sap your money and life anyways...
RayfordSteele, Nov 20 2010

       A lot of games do regular autosaves so you don't lose much.

       As for what you lose in the last few seconds before a crash: //the computer would have to think about how to respond while it was paralyzed//
Bad Jim, Nov 20 2010

       I feel bad for you 21, I know the feeling. Bejeweled does it to me. I want my time back.
blissmiss, Nov 21 2010

       I'm disappointed that this isn't some kind of pun on Spike Milligan.
Wrongfellow, Nov 21 2010

       Lately it keeps happening on ThrottleCopter and Abduction: World Attack.
21 Quest, Nov 21 2010

       If it's a network issue on a multiplayer game, this would be a new avenue for cheaters.

       If it isn't, then such glitches shouldn't happen in the first place.
Loris, Nov 21 2010

       I'm talking offline single player games, and it does happen. If it's supposed to happen, it wouldn't be called a glitch, would it?
21 Quest, Nov 21 2010

       Noone said they were supposed to happen. Network latency issues are essentially unavoidable in real-time internet games.

       So you'd rather programmers spent time trying to mitigate the result of their buggy code, rather than make it work properly in the first place? Inefficient - and for badly-written, glitchy games, not likely to happen.
You'd be better off just voting with your wallet and not buying buggy games in the first place. If enough people did that, it would be worth developer's while to playtest games properly.

       <edit> Or on reflection, don't use Windows.
Loris, Nov 21 2010

       //on reflection, don't use Windows//
But Windows *has* no reflection... or shadow.
FlyingToaster, Nov 21 2010


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