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Global Anthem

Similar to a National Anthem
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The idea here is to promote unity among the citizens of the Earth through an anthem. Ideally, the anthem should combine various musical styles and genres from around the globe into one unified composition. This work would be fairly substantial, at least five minutes, to effectively incorporate elements from all cultures. I would advise against composition of lyrics, but if desired, they could be written in esperanto, or maybe a choir could just some abstract series of 'oohs,' 'aaahs,' or some other vowel.<br >

The most difficult part of this work would probably be deciding upon which scalar mode to use, while still creating a pleasing melody. It could not be Ionian (the western mode), but then again, it probably could not be a combination of modes, for these would interfere with each other, thus creating dissonance.<br >

Also difficult would be the instrumentation. Obviously, the percussion section would be very large, including different drums, bells, whistles, zings, and things from all over the world.<br >

Perhaps this could be played once anually at the UN General Assembly.

WordUp, Feb 22 2004

Internationale http://sovmusic.km.ru/english/inter.htm
[theircompetitor, Oct 17 2004]

UN info http://www.un.org/MoreInfo/guide.htm
From the United Nations website. [kropotkin, Oct 17 2004]

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       It's gonna hafta be much longer than five minutes to account for all cultures. [+] for peace on earth, etc.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 23 2004

       Woudln't it just be the link -- certainly was true during the Cold War, and based on current state of relations between US and UN, could be true now
theircompetitor, Feb 23 2004

       'Liberty' by Steve Vai from 1990 'Passion & Warfare' Album.   

       Its as good as it gets.
gnomethang, Feb 23 2004

       Well, if they don't wanna kill us for blocking their line of sight to other planets, they'll kill us for having a lame theme song ... [+]
Letsbuildafort, Feb 23 2004

       Speaking of planets, don't we almost have to use the soundtrack from 2001?
theircompetitor, Feb 23 2004

       Hey, I tried it with <br />, but I guess this site ISN'T XHTML compliant.   

       Get with the times!!!!!!!!   

       Either that, or the text box don't recognize it. Just wanted to be sure, for it doesn't always create breaks the way I want it to.
WordUp, Feb 24 2004

       At this point, the closest thing would probably be the latest Coke jingle.
Ander, Feb 24 2004

       The UN website says:   

       // Though many songs have been written about the United Nations or on related themes, there is no official anthem or hymn for the Organization. The United Nations General Assembly has recognized the need for an official song and accordingly has reserved the right for its selection and adoption. To date, no decision has been taken on this matter. The United Nations does not maintain a file of musical compositions or accept suggestions for this purpose. //   

       Not much use at all - if they're not taking suggestions WordUp might as well pack up and go home.
kropotkin, Feb 24 2004

       <aside>[WordUp] it's just < br > with no spaces. If the HB ideas/annos/links were XHTML, XML, or HTML (SGML? no, I'll stop there) compliant we couldn't have the fun psudo-xml tags everywhere.</aside>
Worldgineer, Feb 24 2004

       <shrugs> I don't know. Somebody who nobody ever met would probably choose the song and the rest of the world wouldn't even notice it until it was sung at the Olympics by Ricki Martin. </shrugs>
k_sra, Feb 24 2004

       I kind of understand what [Worldgineer} is saying but I can never get my HTML to be burgundy, blue and black. It must be a font thing.
Perhaps the judicious application of SOAP might work.
gnomethang, Feb 27 2004

       How about a ragingly planetistic anthem that says we're better than the folks on other planets. Maybe suggest that our territorial ambitions include those other planets. That they're rightfully part of Earth, we're just reclaiming them.
jpk, Apr 23 2004

       I think "All You Need Is Love" would unite the world, come on!
OpalDawg, May 28 2004


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