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Google Imagine

Another Visual Interactive Search idea
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This would be an adaptive extension to the Flow-Free Game App for touch screen device.

As you get better at the Flow-Free Game App, which is basically a connect the colored dots game, you develop an energy-conserving circular "gathering" motion with your arm and hand. I was thinking of training myself to do the colors in order, at an optimized level of difficulty, and then how I would improve the game if I could program, and it occurred to me that if you could do this using eye tracking software and blinks, or however else you could speed it up, it might be a way to train people to visually process images in a standard way.

So this would be like Flow-Free but optimized to train you to process an image the way a computer processes an image - with a standard proceedure.

I think the extension of this could be that you could have interactive graphical search cycles with feedback - so a system like Google, but instead of just allowing you to query a database by keyword, and then scan text and images with your eyes, and produce new keyword searches with deeper levels of cognition, and then type them in with your fingers -- this system would aquire your cognitive synthesis by reading the gestures you make with the direction of your eye gaze as you visually process an image, and then change the image (like doing a new Google search with text) acording to an algorhithm that is constantly gaining intelligence about your preferences.

This would be like a visual google.

I have posted other ideas like this but I think the difference with this one would be that the game/search- engine would work with you to train you to process images in a standard way -- so instead of just showing you images from around the web pulled up by a key word search, this would start with just a 5 or 6 cell game screen grid of 3 or 4 different colored pixels, allowing you to make the connections -- red to red, blue to blue, yellow to yellow, and then increasing the difficulty as you increase your ability to standardize the visual proceedure of connecting the pixels.

I wonder if those Flow-Free guys would consider working with the Tobii Eye Gaze people. Or maybe Google is already doing this kind of stuff.

JesusHChrist, Jul 12 2012

Flow-Free http://itunes.apple...e/id526641427? mt=8
A connect-the-colored-dots game [JesusHChrist, Jul 12 2012]


       If you engage your brain at a deeper and more instinctive level like this, you might also be more receptive to advertisements placed in your search results.
bungston, Jul 12 2012

       I'll buy that.
JesusHChrist, Jul 12 2012


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