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Google Sing

Like Google Imagine but for both sound and sight and maybe chakra energy and pheremones
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This would be an interactive search engine for sound - or one that combined audio and visual search.

So the user would start with a simple game that allowed them to learn some kind of a standard way of processing audio, that then increases in difficulty toward an interactive environment that is created with feedback between the user and a database like the internet.

I guess with audio this system would be like the time delay headphones that help people who have difficulty with stuttering, by adaptively feeding back the sound of the voice with a slight delay so that the part of the brain that is trapped in its own feeback loop can be teased into longer and more controllable cycles.

So, instead of starting with a 5 cell grid with 6 dots (two each of 3 colors) this audio game would start with a pitch dimension and a tone dimension and train the user to follow some kind of standard procedure for reacting to audio cues. I dont know if it would be at a speed that gave the user a conscious choice or if the system could be really sensitive and work at a speed that would be unconscious to the user.

But the system would incrementally increase the interaction between the user and the internet toward a virtual environment that is created at the speed of thought.

I guess the next step would be figuring out the subtle electrical fields and pheremonal systems around people, and allowing them to interact with the system.

JesusHChrist, Jul 12 2012

Google Imagine Google_20Imagine
[JesusHChrist, Jul 12 2012]

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