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Google Word Focus

Google identifies which 12 words occur most frequently in the webpages that resulted from your search, which you can either add to or subtract from further searches
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at the bottom of the page (below the search results), 12 words (4 columns of 3 words each, with a y/n radio toggle for each word) may be selected to be included in the next search. These words are the 12 most frequently found words (not including "the", "and", etc) among the top 10 webpages returned by the original search.

This will greatly help to focus the criteria ath identifies what you are searching for.

davea0511, Oct 25 2002


       I've seen experiments like that, and it's similar to something that I do as a human, but I don't think automating it _this_ bluntly will work as well and help as much as you think.   

       (Also, can we talk talk about search engines in general, rather than pretending that the strongest example is a monopoly?)
jutta, Oct 25 2002

       It doesn't seem like it would be that useful. Why not just add more words to your original query? If you can't think of related words than use a thesaurus. Anyway, your idea wouldn't work exactly as planned. Most of the time you would get words completely unrelated to your original query.
Chronocide, Jul 02 2003

       >Most of the time you would get words completely unrelated to your original query.   

       Exactly correct, that's why this feature would be so useful. It helps you find what you're looking for by telling you which keywords unrelated to your original query keep popping up so you can filter them out with the click of a button.
davea0511, Aug 02 2005

       I can see what you mean and I think it would make seraching easier, although it might be a bit irritating going through 12 options each time you have done a search.
pooduck, Aug 02 2005


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