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Great idea

Really, I promise you this one was really great
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But I forgot it by the time I finished reading all the new ideas on HB.

So each time this happens all you have to do is add a comment about it just happening to you again. You can always delete the comment if you do remember the idea.

pashute, Nov 24 2015

finding lost stuff https://www.youtube...watch?v=OUj8ktYFEJo
Find inner peace [popbottle, Dec 01 2015]

/r/LifeProTips on apps with built-in OCR https://np.reddit.c..._accurate_free_ocr/
as mentioned in anno [notexactly, Dec 02 2015]

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       OK this time I remember. It had to do with mattresses never losing their spring.
pashute, Nov 24 2015

       Nitinol mattress springs? Give it a hot wash to restore, well, everything...
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 24 2015

       at least you didn't yawn...
pashute, Nov 24 2015

       Place insightful, on-topic, and stunningly prescient annotation here.   

       And they called me a troll.
travbm, Nov 25 2015

       Well... I think it all has to do with how the recipients of any given comment perceive the comment itself based on previous interaction, or lack thereof, with the author of said given comment.   

       I do my level best not to troll any website I bother to hang around, and this one in particular, so I assume that my words here are received in the manor they are intended, which is lighthearted, thoughtful and occasionally, if I'm lucky, maybe even helpful.
I doubt it of course but I'm optimistic that way.

       Hey, we should meet and be friends.   

       Live anywhere near western Canada?   

       No I live south of Canada.
travbm, Nov 25 2015

       Well, that shouldn't stop us from being friends, I do like to travel... how far south are you?
I'm fairly near the US border.

       He's far south enough to be in the unfriendly zone.
RayfordSteele, Nov 25 2015

       [travbm], everyone lives south of Canada. Or should. I also want to commend you on your maturity from troll to full fledged baker of newbie status. Way to go, Joe.
blissmiss, Nov 25 2015

       look what a bad idea can do!
pashute, Nov 25 2015

       //everyone lives south of Canada. Or should.//
So, the further south of Canada one lives, the better? Excellent!
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 26 2015

       [pashute], how does it work? You mean, the post itself is the machine that helps you remember great ideas? Well, you just baked it.
Inyuki, Nov 26 2015

       This is why I often write down my ideas (in Evernote) ASAP after coming up with them.
notexactly, Nov 30 2015

       I used to jot down idea titles on scraps of post-it notes and then transfer them to paper when the notes filled up.
Now I just keep'm in my head.
I forget some that way, but it's probably for the best.

       I also use Keep, but more for ephemeral stuff like to-do lists and reminders. I like Evernote's more advanced organization features for keeping my ideas and plans in order.   

       Did you know that Keep has built-in OCR? So do a bunch of other apps too: [link]
notexactly, Dec 02 2015


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