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Gyro Achitecture

I searched, and didn't find anything like this. Someone tell me why this wouldn't work.
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It would be an architectural marvel to see a building shaped like a cone, but inverted, so that it rested upon its apex without falling over.
I think it would be possible to build skyscrapers in this fashion if the uppermost floor housed an absolutely enormous gyroscope.
Powered by solar converted electrical energy, any surplus spin generated would be stored as potential energy in the huge flywheel that is the gyroscope itself, and could be drawn on to power things such as elevators, or to generate emergency electrical power in the event of an outage,
An added benefit, (and not the least), is that the building can not tip. Even in the event of an earthquake, it may jump or slide within it's cradle, but will not fall.

Rainer Tower, Seattle http://www.unicopro...seattle/rainier.asp
The bottom 100 feet or so is scary. No gyro, though. [bristolz, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Precision Gyroscope http://www.sciencel...sion_Gyroscope.html
[Shz, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Motion damping in One Wall http://www.glotmans...ntre/wallcentre.htm
Essentially, a big barrel of water. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

(?) You could put this on instead of paint. Mmmm! http://www.kenter.d...rfvc/Art008443.html
[bungston, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

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       Unfortunately, as the world turned the angular momentum of the gyroscope would tend to maintain its plane of rotation and the building would tip over.
It would look good though for some of the first day after construction.
hippo, Mar 15 2003

       Of course
hippo, Mar 15 2003

       Just imagine, the terrorist team take out the gyroscopes moorings within the building.... the path of destruction across a city from the escaping gyroscope would be a fitting testament to mans arrogant stupidity!   

       Nice idea though.
elgeebar, Mar 15 2003

       All I can say is, I'd hate to be the janitor.   

       Hmm... Segway scycrapers...   

       // someone tell me why this wouldn't work. //   

       You *are* being facetious, right?
RayfordSteele, Mar 15 2003

       Many ultra-tall skyrises have large sprung weights in the tops of the towers to damp motion by the building due to earthquakes or winds. So, provided UnaBubba's modification is used, not a bad idea.   

       (See link for a mechanism using water: much cheaper to operate, and presumably serves a double purpose in case of fire.)
DrCurry, Mar 15 2003

       Darn, another one of my gestating ideas taken. I was going to do a misting umbrella and now, an upside down pyramid. Maybe we're like an old couple that simultaneously makes the same remark.   

       Rain water from the large "base" might provide some hydroelectric power .
FarmerJohn, Mar 15 2003

       Perhaps the base should cover a curtain waterfall all the way around it, which is where you can send that rainwater.
DrCurry, Mar 15 2003

       This building would, of course, have a revolving restaurant at the top.
hippo, Mar 15 2003

       Yup, hippo’s been to Boston. “Top of the Hub” – can’t beat it.
Shz, Mar 15 2003

       Great, now I'm reading this as Jerkitecture too>
Name change.

       So this idea has nothing to do with the art and science of constructing the perfect pita sandwich?
Worldgineer, Mar 18 2003

       um no good try at being snotty though keep working on it
k_sra, Feb 12 2004

       who are u and why are you posting sarcasm?
jonthegeologist, Feb 13 2004

       power failure?
-----, Mar 01 2004


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