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HB Software Forum

Place for people to bake software
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I was thinking that if I were to write a program suggested on the halfbakery, the best place to post it would be here. I think there should be a section for posting the code for baked software, with some association with the original idea it came from.
-----, Nov 05 2004

sourceforge.net http://sourceforge.net/index.php
[jutta, Nov 05 2004]


       If this site gave a new home to everything that grew out of its ideas, it would become a tiny copy of the world. We already have one of those, let's just use it. There are already people who write software. They're not that different from you and me, and we'd benefit from working with them.   

       For example, a good place for new software (if it's open source) is sourceforge.net, which will give you means to turn your software into a project, version-control it, and fix bugs with the help of a community process; a level of support the halfbakery is unlikely to mimic.   

       Similar forums exist in other areas, for example CPAN for perl modules, etc.
jutta, Nov 05 2004


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