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Hacker Keyboard

Keyboard automatically masks characters for the user
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Have you ever read some text that, at first appears to be illegible, only to find that if you look a bit closer, the author has used clever keystrokes to "mask" the text (perhaps so that it is not easily searchable by the spooks).

|=0r 3xâmp1|_3, +ÉxT L1|«3 ±h15

translates to: "For example, text like this"

It took me about 5 minutes just to type the above example. This idea would be a keyboard that could automatically replace characters for you as you type.

The schemes could be random too. For example hitting the letter "T" on they keyboard might send up any of the following keystroke combinations: {± (ascii-241), 7 (number seven), ╫ (ascii-215), ╪ (ascii-216), ╤ (ascii-209), ┬ (ascii-194) ... and there are probably some others}

As another note, some keystrokes might send up combinations of characters. For example, the letter "w" might go up as a 4-charcter "\/\/" combination.

joetcochran, Jul 14 2005

Google in Hacker mode.... http://www.google.c...rences?hl=xx-hacker
Change Google to display all text in Hackerese.. [Minimal, Jul 14 2005]


       Surely then hackers would simply search for the new masked version of the text.   

       How about a version that creates spelling errors every few words? Then I would have something to balme if my spelling is wrong.
hidden truths, Jul 14 2005

       |=u|\|, |3uY I ¢â|\||\|@7 R3â|]
I think it is "Fun, but I cannot read"
Ling, Jul 14 2005

       A little aside: You can change your Google settings so that all Google text is displayed in Hackerese. Go to the preferences option from the main screen and select "Hacker" from the "Interface language" dropdown and then click "Save Preferences"....
Minimal, Jul 14 2005

       How stwange. Also 'Elmer Fudd' and 'Kwingon'. I couldn't understwand Kwingon at all (as you might expect, I suppowse).
Ling, Jul 14 2005

       Also "Bork bork bork" and "Pig Latin."
DrCurry, Jul 14 2005

       [-] Just draw letters into a .bmp file and send the image. The spooks will never be able to search that.
contracts, Jul 14 2005

       Y0u m3@n 133t. 1f y0u'r3 133t en0ugh, y0u d0n't n33d @ wu55y k3yb0ard tr@n51@t0r.
sninctown, Mar 10 2006


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