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Hair Kites

Miniature, flying, fashion accessories to heighten hair beauty
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Picture yourself at the beach, on a cruise ship or in a park, and every breeze causes ten, tiny, colorful kites to sway and dip in the air, anchored to strands of your own hair. Enhance your hair style with these delightful, one inch kites that look delicate, but are resilient and sail easily behind you as you walk or bicycle.

The hair kites are specially made for their purpose. With a sail of ultra thin plastic, spars of nylon line, a tinsel tail and a tiny bit of tape for affixing a hair to the bridal point, each kite is captivating and super light. In addition to usual kite shapes, the tiny fliers come in the form of butterflies, dragonflies, feathers, leaves and postage stamps, and in a variety of colors.

FarmerJohn, Jan 23 2003

how you'll look http://www.geocitie...nnie/hairkites.html
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Another masterpiece, good sir.   

       You have a wondrous ability to take people doing the goofiest things and present them looking very cool indeed.
waugsqueke, Jan 23 2003

       Your too late - I cut all my hair off about four months ago. Ah well, (+) anyway.
egbert, Jan 23 2003

       Where's sparki? She'd really like this. +
snarfyguy, Jan 23 2003

       Would be great for indoor kite fighting. +
oneoffdave, Jan 23 2003

       Bats! I want black-happy-mice-with-wings-bats following me! Croissant!
Marassa, Jan 23 2003

       On less attractive people than the model Farmer John has depicted, however, the miniature hairkites might be mistaken at first glance for flies swarming a person with particularly bad body odor. Somehow that image just doesn't pack the same cachet.
jurist, Jan 23 2003

       I love the thought of these on judges wigs. was it jurist I wonder that made me think of that.   

       do these only work out of doors when there is a breeze.
po, Jan 23 2003

       //how you'll look//
If I get these breasts, nothing will ever get done.
thumbwax, Jan 23 2003

       make do with a sugar lump, thumb'.
po, Jan 23 2003

       I simply saw the title on the recent list and said to my elf, 'Yep, that's a Farmer.'   

       But I think it'll take more than kites to have me looking like that...
RayfordSteele, Jan 23 2003

bristolz, Jan 23 2003

       completely useless, but croissant for the illustration...
Freefall, Jan 23 2003

       Wow! I don't know how well they'd actually work, but I'd like some little dragon shaped ones.   

       Great picture as well. You're one good artist FJ.
madradish, Jan 23 2003

       Neat and simple +   

       Aviod the seagulls though.
skinflaps, Jan 23 2003

       Nick, only if you happen to be named 'Rapunzel.'
RayfordSteele, Jan 23 2003

       Yep,them too however lightning could be more hazardous.
skinflaps, Jan 23 2003

       I can tell you don't have a cat.   

       Croissant, but I get to watch when the moggy attacks!
FloridaManatee, Jan 23 2003

       I'm not sure about this one - on a still day everyone's gonna look like Bob Marley wannabes.
Helium, Jan 23 2003

       You've all gone mad.
lumpy, Jan 24 2003

       room for one more [lumpy]
po, Jan 24 2003

       Everything I ever say is fishboned, so I'm not surprised.
briandamage, Jan 24 2003

       Will keep the flies away too.
Trodden, Jan 24 2003

       <laughs out loud> (+)
Shz, Jan 24 2003

       this sure would make adverse winds (or how d'you call it?) a more positive thing than the wind that blows in the same direction you're going,in that case i think your face will be constantly attacked by tiny - but colorful - pointy kites. But we suffer all kinds of agony just to look good, so a nice pair of goggles (or matching Dame Edna specs) can help there
miaca, Jan 24 2003

       Initially I thought tying kites to your hair would be one sure-fire way of going bald in an exceptionally painful way. Then I saw that they were only 1-inch tall thingies. Maybe comes with a warning - only wear these if you (a) have a lot of time, (b) have a lot of long hair and (c) look quite stunning anyway.   

       Also, wouldn't work indoors.   

       BTW [thumb] - let us know when the surgery is scheduled.
PeterSilly, Jan 24 2003

       If you fly multiple (regular) kites in close proximity, it is just a matter of time before the lines cross and tangle. I assume the same holds true for hair kites. Heaven help you if you tangle with a passerby who is also wearing kites that day.
BigBrother, Jan 24 2003

       [BB] - the worst part is that you are unlikely to know that you're tangled with another kite-wearer until you've passed each other. Then starts the elaborate back-to-back dance with "Owww, turn left, ... NO - NO - NO - LEFT I said... Your left..." sound effects.
PeterSilly, Jan 24 2003

       These would likely kill Charlie Brown.
bristolz, Jan 24 2003

       Absolutely wonderful! Although I cannot bear to have my long hair wisping around my face, I would love to have a set of dragonflies please.
Isis, Jan 24 2003

       One of the best .5b diagrms I ever saw, excluding the tape dispenser hat thing.
1kester, Jan 24 2003

       You could have Asian-style kite fights with other hair kite wearers.
snarfyguy, Jan 24 2003

       This is so beautiful. I would like to have aeolian kites so there would be musical notes flying all around my head. +
xandram, Aug 09 2006


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