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Hairy Files

hairs growing out of unused files
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What the world needs now, is...... hairy files.

Our faces and/or armpits and legs require regular grooming. Why don't our desktop icons need same?

Please give me nasty black hairs growing out of my neglected icons. And perhaps a razor cursor to shave them back.

FishWish, Oct 09 2009

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       ew +1
po, Oct 09 2009

       I threw away my Epi-Icon. I now wax my display.
normzone, Oct 09 2009

       What po said, x's 10.
blissmiss, Oct 09 2009

       you have 10x's the 'display' as [po] ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 09 2009

       taking it to the next level - perhaps these icons could suffer from every affliction known to the local pharmacist - from tinea to head lice to incontinence   

       ....and maybe a drinking problem, poor hairstyle choices, untidy room, penchant for graffiti, and agoraphobia.
FishWish, Oct 09 2009

       ... and cobwebs.   

       [+] for a more interesting way (than using the last modified date) to indicate files I haven't used in a long time. [-] for the added maintenance of making my files some sort of pets that i have to take care of.
XSarenkaX, Oct 11 2009


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