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Mad-lib-style synthesis of Half Baked Ideas !!
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Program on which you click a button and generate new half-baked ideas ready for posting. Uses words comprised from online definitions to create half-baked ideas.


shark protective swimwear cellphone miniaturization device deflatable hybrid car

No warranty express or implied on generated ideas !!

DeanRadcliffe, Oct 07 2006

It's a book that kills flies! http://thesurrealist.co.uk/priorart.cgi
[cromagnon, Oct 08 2006]

(?) New Ideas via concatenation New_20ideas_20via_20concatenation
Baked. [DrBob, Oct 08 2006]

algorithm proposal HB_20Madlib
[Voice, Aug 16 2011]


       remembers hb password when wasted?
po, Oct 07 2006

       //shark protective swimwear cellphone miniaturization device deflatable hybrid car//
I think I got that sequence in some spam recently.
ldischler, Oct 07 2006

       you can buy them on ebay NOW.
po, Oct 07 2006

       If you allow only 3 words each time, its bakeable and will probably work!
pashute, Aug 10 2011


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