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Hand PC Cooling

Relieve stress in a useful manner
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Hello folks. I've been reading for a bit, I thought I'd contribute something.

I had this idea recently. I do PC support and I notice a lot of people get stressed waiting for their computer. I don't honestly think there's a computer on the planet that could go fast enough for some of them, so I came up with this idea - replace the side panel of a PC with a large hand cranked fan. This fan when operated blows air into the case, quite forcefully if it was big enough. The extra cooling would actually have a positive effect on your machine's performance and it would give you something to do with that energy you build up waiting for the job to finish. Then there's the psychological benefit of feeling like you're actually doing something about the problem rather than being stuck waiting for the computer to decide when it's done - a sense of involvement. The idea might need a bit of work but I think the basic principle is sound. Maybe pedals rather than a hand crank...

Secession, Nov 20 2007

Computer_20Starting_20Handle [xenzag, Nov 20 2007]

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       Marvellous! Welcome! [+]
theNakedApiarist, Nov 20 2007

       Nice, I do PC support too and that might work and MAN would that blow the dust out.
MisterQED, Nov 20 2007

       + yes I vote for the pedals, like an old-fashioned sewing machine.
xandram, Nov 20 2007

       [bigsleep] I think you missed the point. This would have a small effect when heavy processing was occuring, a very small effect. I think the point of this invention is primarily to give the frustrated user something to do. Personally I have the detrimental habit of kicking my tower PC at work, so this idea is great for my anger issue   

       [+] many crossiants to Secession. Great first idea. Welcome Sir
evilpenguin, Nov 20 2007

       I didn't click on this idea because in my head the title: Hand PC Cooling sounded like putting your palm on on the CPU... which I must advise everyone NOT TO DO
evilpenguin, Nov 20 2007

       evilpenguin... hm. That's a naughty nickname.
Pericles, Nov 21 2007

       i just remove the side panel and duct tape a 20 inch box fan, problem solved
Arcanus, Nov 14 2008

       //i just remove the side panel and duct tape a 20 inch box fan, problem solved//   

       when my old computer starting making more noise than a Rolls Royce jet, i did exactly this (sans duct tape) while praying that my data would transfer to the usb drive
samosa_pirate, Nov 15 2008


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