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Healthy Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn duster applies measured amount of buttery powder
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Have you ever tried the "natural style" version of microwave popcorn? Don't. It's just plain and bland tasting, livestock food.

In the opposite corner, weighing in at 100 calories per serving, are the mass-market brands. These are really delicious, and just the right size for not sharing. The problem with these brands is that they are "miracles" of modern food science. They are rife with artificial additives and unpronouncable chemicals.

What we propose is a machine which can receive a just-popped bag of popcorn (that is compatible). The popcorn is high-quality, pure, whole grain popping corn, in a high quality, chemical-free paper, like hemp or something. The POPCORN DUSTER punches two holes in the bag, vampire-like, and a fan creates a vortex inside the bag. Then a measured amount of the powdered butter-salt mixture is injected and gets evenly distributed by the vortex. Viola!

undata, Jan 03 2007

powdered butter *flavor* (for normzone) http://www.mollymcbutter.com/
[xandram, Jan 03 2007]

Powdered butter + salt = Flavacol http://www.popcorns...asp?idProduct=18531
Tasty chemical death in a convenient one-quart cardboard container. [land, Jan 05 2007]


       Powdered butter?
normzone, Jan 03 2007

       //Powdered butter?// - comes from granular cows, via condensed milk. I like the vampire teeth component, so have this unbuttered croissant +
xenzag, Jan 03 2007

       Sure, [xenzag], //powdered butter//. Not only does it exist, under the appealing name of "Flavacol" (link), but I've eaten it on popcorn, and it's actually pretty tasty stuff, if you happen to like overly-salty popcorn with fake-butter *flavor*.   

       But wait, [undata] said *Healthy* Microwave Popcorn... I'm pretty sure that the salty-fatty pleasures of Flavacol are _not_ healthy.
land, Jan 05 2007


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