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Heat Pipe Bird

Drinking Bird that sips on your heat pipe
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heat pipes are efficient if not boring. water cooling has cool little pumps and coloured liquid. Heat pipes have... pipes.

I suggest integrating a so called "drinking bird" type device into a heat pipe design. They both work off the same concept. At the top of the loop where phase change occurs. a drinking bird could be placed. with some clever case placement. Perhaps he could hit the f5 key or the "y" key if your a stay-at-home nuclear engineer. A bobble head of a boss or Coworker could be placed for some instant approvals of your ideas.

It would add a little pizzaz and movement to the most boring heating concept since fins.

metarinka, Feb 10 2010

Drinking Bird http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Drinking_bird
Can also be used to extract mechanical energy [metarinka, Feb 10 2010]




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