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Hold Your Nose and Sing Harmonics Detector Kit

Find Out About Those Nasal Harmonics
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This would be a kit consisting of a tone generator, say, middle 'C', plus and minus several octaves to encompass the known range of the human voice, and a transducer attachment to the bridge of your nose. The piezoelectric transducer would send a signal from your nose to a simple harmonics detection circuit, battery-powered.

The procedure would be to hold your nose and, with open mouth, sing the tone generated by the tone generator. The tone generator would continue to provide tones for you to match in this manner until it detects an harmonic, which would then be recorded. Unless you detect a harmonic first.

entremanure, Nov 27 2001


       this is a piss easy game. it plays a C, I sing the G above the next one. Viola! - I found the harmonic first. Can we play twister now?
lewisgirl, Nov 27 2001

pottedstu, Nov 27 2001

       There *must* be a simpler way. Hmm... OK, how's this: breathe water through your nostrils but not so far that it goes into your windpipe. Then emit the water into a measuring flask to get the volume. This gives the volume of your nasal cavity. Therefore the resonant frequency will be mV/2^0.5 for a non-uniform cylinder, and so the nth harmonic frequency will be given by Friedrich's Law, f(n) = m * f(0) * (n! / 2*PI*V)^2.
lubbit, Nov 28 2001

       [UnaB] - I was assuming a spherical cow, as it were.
lubbit, Nov 28 2001


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