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Homœopathy refills

Save money and save the environment!
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In the long term, saving the environment often also saves you money, because spending more ultimately costs the environment more.

Homeopathic remedies often come in quite small quantities with quite a lot of packaging.

Also the active ingredient is often quite a small proportion of the total product supplied.

Now, with Pœcmlœpæth Refills you can get equally effictive treatments Or Your Money Back!

Simply bring your almost-empty container and we will top it up with water. We totally guarantee that the refilled remedy will have exactly the same active ingredients as the original product.

We also can supply the refill alone. Just bring any suitable container to have it filled.

Pricing is just 25% of the retail cost of the original remedy!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We will refund you the full cost of your refill, no questions asked, if you can provide scientific proof that it contains less active ingredients than the original sealed product purchased at full price.

Remember! Ask for Pœcmlœpæth by name, don't accept mis-spelled or mis-pronounced imitators!

pocmloc, Dec 19 2019

Paired particle/slit experiment phenomena https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U7Z_TIw9InA
proof that the verification of homeopathy is deliverable by observation of participants [xenzag, Dec 19 2019]

Ventriloquism https://en.wikipedi.../wiki/Ventriloquism
Not quite what [xenzag] does - more Dorsiloquism ... [8th of 7, Dec 20 2019]

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       But you should never need a refill of homeopathic medication if its effectiveness increases with the dilution of the active ingredient. To achieve maximum homeopathic effectiveness, all you need to do is to buy the homeopathic medication and put it in your medicine cupboard. By then ensuring that you never, under any circumstances, take any of this medication you are ensuring that you are exposing yourself to an infinite dilution of the active ingredient, and also that you never run out.
hippo, Dec 19 2019

       By that logic, [hippo], the customer should not even purchase the product. That is not a good business model.
pocmloc, Dec 19 2019

       You can't argue with logic though
hippo, Dec 19 2019

       Hang on. Given that the only active ingredient in homeopathic "remedies" is water, and given that less is, clearly, more, should we not be able to sell bottled air instead? Air has a certain amount of water vapour in it, some of whose molecules must have come into contact with the original homeopathic water.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2019

       Is the principle of homeopathy not that the water is altered at a quantum level and 'stores' the memory of the dilution process in the same way as paired subatomic particles retain a link, even when separated? See link for protracted discussion on collapsed wave a form experiment.
xenzag, Dec 19 2019

       By that argument, all water will have homeopathic properties. Such water could be packaged for sale with a small amount of preservative, such as ethanol and some sugar and fruit flavouring to make it taste pleasant. Carbon dioxide could also be dissolved in the liquid to ensure that there are homeopathic liquid and gas phases in this product. To add a classy touch, it will be sold in nice glass bottles with cork stoppers.
hippo, Dec 19 2019

       // You can't argue with logic though //   

       [xenzag] would disagree...
8th of 7, Dec 19 2019

       //the principle of homeopathy// I don't really care what principle is proposed, as long as my idea of topping up the jar with water doesn't nullify said principle.
pocmloc, Dec 19 2019

       Pr. "I don't really care what principle is proposed, as long as my idea of filling my pockets with other people's money doesn't nullify said principle."   

       You don't have any Buchanans in your ancestry, do you ?
8th of 7, Dec 19 2019

       Oh, come off it, [8th]. Given the 'appetites' of some of my ancestors, and the absence of good lighting until the 1800's, having a Buchanan in one's ancestry is the rule rather than the exception. Practically everyone has had a bit of Buchanan in them somewhere along the line.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2019

       //Practically everyone has had a bit of Buchanan in them somewhere along the line// <Theophilus P Wildebeest>"You're beautiful - do you have any African in you? - Would you like some?"</Theophilus P Wildebeest>
hippo, Dec 19 2019

       Excuse me! This selfless proposal is emphatically for the benefit of customers! They get a substitute product, indistinguishable from the original, for one quarter of the price!
pocmloc, Dec 19 2019

       // This selfless proposal is emphatically for the benefit of customers! //   

       Hmm. First cousin at least, if not closer ...
8th of 7, Dec 19 2019

       I'd take it with a pinch of salt. Or at least a drop of water that's been standing next to some salt.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2019

       You'll take anything as long as you don't have to pay for it yourself.
8th of 7, Dec 19 2019

       I find your cynicism disturbing. There is also a real risk that cousin Vinnie 'The Corkscrew' Buchanan will find your cynicism disturbing too. You really don't want to disturb Vinnie - he's already disturbed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2019

       Isn't he still in Broadmoor ? Or is he home for the holidays ? Or did they throw him out again for the usual reasons ?   

       // I find your cynicism disturbing. //   

       Pot, kettle ...
8th of 7, Dec 19 2019

       //Isn't he still in Broadmoor// No, sadly. He was adamant about wanting to stay, but the Governor said Vinnie was usurping his authority and intimidating the other inmates.   

       He was very upset when he had to leave, especially as he'd just had his cell's dining-room furniture reupholstered and had plans for remodelling his private quarters.*   

       (*Ironic, really, given that his very first period in Broadmoor came about as a result of his having remodelled someone else's private quarters.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2019

       //[xenzag] would disagree...// I can get you to say anything. It's called remote ventriloquism.
xenzag, Dec 20 2019

       "comes from the Latin for to speak from the stomach, i.e. venter (belly) and loqui (speak)." <link>   

       We find that difficult to credit, as it's perfectly obvious that your communications all originate from an orifice located somewhat lower down, and in a dorsal position...
8th of 7, Dec 20 2019

       See how easy it was to get you to say exactly that?
xenzag, Dec 20 2019

       What you need to do is a controlled scientific experiment. For example, you can make a public prediction, and see if it comes true.   

       I predict that [8th of 7] will say //You are all right and I am wrong, I apologise most depravedly and I will go and reflect on my many and profound errors//   

       I also predict that [xenzag] will reply //No, no need, you were completely right, it was me that misrepresented you. Please continue with your insights//
pocmloc, Dec 20 2019

       [poc], we can say with a very high degree of confidence that a career as a futures trader or a bookmaker is not for you.   

       In fact, you'd better avoid being a historian too, 'cos you'd probably get that wrong as well ...
8th of 7, Dec 20 2019

       Watch how easily it is to get 8th to say "give it your best shot" - Child's play! Ha
xenzag, Dec 20 2019

       Go on, give it your best shot ...   

       Nice try [xen], but we have the original text of your anno ("With a mere flick of single digit, 8th can be made to purr like a cat, and chase a ball of string up a 100 foot tree. — xenzag, Dec 20 2019") stored for comparison, so you're not fooling anyone.
8th of 7, Dec 20 2019


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