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Horrible Terrible ICE Seeking PoIy Ice-Bots

In the imminent ice age, Internal Combustion Engines can't run and they can't hide from the energy police-bots
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Just another warehouse. Just another raid. Twelve cars hidden in this one under a sub-floor. The bots administer their jaws of life to the engine compartments, cutting the manifold and drive train from the engines, then savagely rip them from the chassis.

Each bot rips the valve covers off and welds the valves shut, rips off the fuel injection apparatus, unscrews the sparkplugs and drains the anti-freeze; all these useless accessories. The bots cut slots in the side of the cylinder walls, just enough space where a hockey puck could fit on top of the cylinder head at the bottom of its travel.

The engines are loaded into the bots' carrying compartment, transported to the nearby power grid depot and are sorted to assemblies of duplicate types. Insulated solenoid controlled water lines from a central timed distributor now are attached to all spark plug holes. For example, twelve four-cylinder engines with four inch diameter pistons and three inch throws have one inch of water added to each of the sequentially drowning freezing pistons. These engines all connect to a common drive train and the revs. are geared up to run a generator.

This is auto-matic ice power. No solar power is involved as in the internal crystallization engine link mentioned.

"Turn, turn, and I'm on to the next one." Foo Fighters

mensmaximus, Dec 21 2004

Internal crystalization Engine Internal_20crystallization_20Engine
[FarmerJohn, Dec 21 2004]


       Is this an internal crystallization engine? One that drives the pistons by freezing the water in the cylinders?   

       If you're getting energy from freezing water, where is the non-frozen water coming from? Also, how does it take less energy to rebuild an engine than you get from running the engine?
david_scothern, Dec 21 2004


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