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Hot Air Blanket

A healthy alternative to the electric blanket
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Normal electric blankets are said to cause cancer, because your rapping yourself in something that emits electric radiation and staying in it for 8 hours or so (and people think cell phones are bad).

The Air Blanket would be a simple blanket with air hoses, with spaced holes, running throw it to spread the air flow to the intire body beneath the blanket. The top side of the blanket would be air tight so the hot air can only travel down to the body then out the sides of the blanket, instead of just escaping up into the room. The air pump and heater unit could be stored under or next to the bed (probably at the foot of the bed) and would be no bigger then a hair dryer. Since the airflow would be relatively low only a computer fan or 2 (which are fairly quiet) would be necessary to pump the air throw the hose to the blanket. The unit would be incased heavily to minimize noise and to stop the heating element from damaging anything around the unit.

i-Mer, Jul 26 2003

sheet fan http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Bed_20fan
similar [FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004]


       still, it's better than a standard electric blanket, nice one [i-Mer]
P.S. I thought electric blankets had gone out with the 80s ?
neilp, Jul 26 2003

       Uhhh, *anything* that emits heat is emitting electromagnetic radiation. The only thing an electric blanket might emit that an air blanket wouldn't would be a small magnetic field. Nobody has ever proven a link between magnetic fields and cancer, and they've *really* tested that one to death... Some people claim that magnets are actually good for you. I think I vote no, unless you can build an air popcorn maker into the blanket, then I would buy it.
DeathNinja, Jul 26 2003

       Make it blow cool air in summer and you've got yourself a winner
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 31 2004

       that would be damn noisy. you said somthing about how a hair dryer could be used. think how loud hair dryers are.
cosmik_debris, Feb 04 2004

       //Since the airflow would be relatively low only a computer fan or 2 (which are fairly quiet)\\   

       I can't hear my computer right now. That would work pretty well, only this might be overkill for anywhere but the arctic circle. Good though.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Jul 03 2005

       This is great Idea, is better than heating a whole room now with energy prices going to the roof this will be a great alternative for the masses. I will buy 7 of them myself.
rafa809, Nov 23 2008

       //Since the airflow would be relatively low only a computer fan or 2 (which are fairly quiet) would be necessary//   

       The hoses would have to be fairly rigid. Were they flexible, the fan would need to maintain enough pressure to keep them open; Which is more than what a couple of computer fans can do. Even wih rigid hoses, you would still need bigger/sronger fans than what you are proposing.
MikeD, Nov 24 2008


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