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How to enforce the copyright law for music

How playing or downloading copyright songs can be stopped
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Unlike books and movies which have notices of copyrights to the reader or viewer, music on the internet has no such warnings. Moreover, there is no excuse for the downloader if caught to claim that he or she is unaware of the copyright or the law prohibiting the downloading.

The copyright law is an onerous law designed to protect large corporations such as Disney and Universal Studios and music distributors who claim a monopoly to the distribution of these forms of entertainment. The Law gives the power of enforcement to the owner of the copyright and a small number of associations designed to limit the distribution of audio entertainment for payment of license fees, the bulk of which goes to the association, not the artist. The law subjects the downloader to enormous monetary sanctions if the downloader is using his or her computer connected to the internet in the manner for which the computer is designed, and even advertized to be capable of downloading.

But not all music on the internet is covered by a copyright, and to make it even more confusing to the public, some owners of music want their music to be downloaded by the public, freely and without limits whatsoever to give the world pleasure, harmony and enjoyment, much as graffiti gives the world colorful and fanciful displays instead of a bland surface in need of decoration or ornamentation.

So, this invention provides for the requirement that before a sanction can be imposed upon a downloader, the owner of the copyright intending to enforce a copyright must prove that the down-loader was made aware of the intent to enforce the copyright with a loud, unavoidable audio notice preceding every song to be protected by a copyright, advising that downloading the specific material without the owner’s permission is unlawful, subjecting the downloader to penalties.

The audio notice envisioned would also contain an audio signal designed to be harsh, loud, and continuously annoying so that only the most determined downloader would tolerate the sound while everyone else would immediately stop listening to or downloading the song.

el dueno

el dueno, Jun 25 2009

where the money is going http://www.guardian...ic-downloads-piracy
The music industry is losing sales, but overall sales for copyrighted work has increased. [Bad Jim, Jun 25 2009]

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       // unavoidable audio notice preceding every song //   

       How do you prevent users from using an editor to "snip off" the lead-in ?
8th of 7, Jun 25 2009

       The copyright law also protects the local singer/song writer, who performed at the last gig I attended.
Aristotle, Jun 25 2009

       Would this annoying noise be on the original recording, greatly annoying legit purchasers while pirates remove the noise? Great, you just made me want to be a pirate.
Bad Jim, Jun 25 2009

       My Big Audio Dynamite tribute band, Unavoidable Audio Notice, does our own version of the harsh, loud, and continuously annoying audio notice at the beginning of every song.   

       Our fans have come to expect it, and have their own signature dance to go with it.
normzone, Jun 25 2009

       This is dumb, whatever your views on music piracy. It just places the burden on the producer of the music, and will have no effect. You might as well have a sticker on every item saying "It is illegal to steal this item."
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 25 2009

       // You might as well have a sticker on every item //   

       [MB], you need to check out stuff like "class action" and "product liability". Obviously, you livbe in the real world, rather than the USA.   

       Don't start a business selling hot coffee - you'll get your ass sued off. (Hell, maybe you went to public school - you could be in to that sort of thing)
8th of 7, Jun 25 2009

       //to give the world enjoyment, harmony and enjoyment// Marked For Tagline I'd say some more harmony is required to balance things out...
knowtion, Jun 25 2009

       Despite what the RIAA says, simply copying a song does not breach copyright, unless you take that song and try to sell it as your own composition.
simonj, Jun 25 2009

       // This is dumb, whatever your views on music piracy.
I agree. Is this even an invention? I think the poster might just apply the idiotic "FBI notice" model of e.g. the US movie industry to songs, showing how absurd it is. Thanks, we knew that already, now would you please remove the non-idea?
jutta, Jun 25 2009


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