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Hybrid rapid fire rotary custard pie applicator

Leonardo didn't think of this one.
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If Lenard had been just a little bit madder & thought of building a windmill powered repeating catapult with flywheel auxiliary power for if the wind drops it might have looked like this.

A catapult.

With a windmill beside it.

And a really big flywheel beside that.

Rather than a fixed armature that has to be pulled back between shots it has a sliding one that passes through the central axis with a bucket on both ends.

Further design specifications may be needed.

May not work as advertised.

May not work.

The armature slides through the centre axis so that the short end passes under the body of the machine (scooping up the next payload as it does) while the long end sweeps majestically overhead to send its payload hurtling through the sky.

For demonstration purposes we'll be using custard pies but a full range of unsuitably dangerous payloads are available from the gift shop at very reasonable rates.

Skewed, Jul 30 2020

Like this. https://free3d.com/...atapult-4-5443.html
But with a windmill & more complicated ... so not like this. [Skewed, Jul 30 2020]


       "a full range of unsuitably dangerous payloads are available"

       Perhaps an alley-cat-apult?   

       R.I.P. Bent Fabricius-Bjerre (Bent Farbic), 1924-2020
kdf, Jul 30 2020

       Yes we do have a feline payload, two very annoyed cats strapped back to back so whichever way up they hit the target it's with a full set of claws.
Skewed, Jul 30 2020

       There is a small problem with that particular ordinance however.   

       Whichever way you hold them at least one can always get its claws into you & It's devilishly difficult to make them let go.   

       We've lost two hands & one whole loader so far.   

       Too slow getting out the way after loading.   

       Scooped up & shot out with the cats.
Skewed, Jul 30 2020

       Another problem there - strapped back-to-back they'd never come to ground, spinning endlessly as both try to make sure they landed on their own feet. Dual-cat levitation is well documented.   

       You might have to settle for single loads.
kdf, Jul 30 2020

       We solved that one with a single slice of toast buttered on one side only wedged between them.
Skewed, Jul 30 2020

       Brilliant. I'll have to remember that trick the next time I'm faced with a similar situation.
kdf, Jul 30 2020


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