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Or hydro-power in the desert
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Edited Quote... "The main drawback with hydro-electric power plants is that the water can only be used once. This problem has been overcome with the introduction of the <removed hydro-capillary action> SUN power plant."

This idea owes its conception to the edited quote above...

This proposal is a hydro electric generator with a closed water cycle. As usual the water is raised to the top of the generator by evaporation (powered by the sun).

The system is placed in a hot climatic region, i.e. desert.

Whalla, Jim exclaims and then looks embarrassed... Voilà!

madness, Aug 03 2007

The inspiration Hydro-Capillary_20Action_20Power_20Plant
The other way to do this --- might not work [madness, Aug 03 2007]

Jim, please read this http://azureus.word...walla-whalla-wolla/
[normzone, Aug 03 2007]

Sahara stirling Sahara_20stirling
Working medium could in principle be water. [django, Aug 03 2007]

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       Details could be useful here.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 03 2007

       A reverse fridge. Or maybe a solar steam engine. Either way. this has to have been Baked already.
DrCurry, Aug 03 2007

       //The system is placed in a hot climatic region, i.e. desert.//   

       ... which are presumably called 'deserts' because of the lack of water to be found there.
nuclear hobo, Aug 03 2007

       Deserts are also not always hot. And even the ones that are hot are often only hot during the day, during the summer. Desert means dry, not hot.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 03 2007

       We already have a closed-loop stirling engine playing with hot day temperatures and cold night temperatures. It involves using a working fluid or gas and pumping it up and down. See link.
django, Aug 03 2007

       Solar energy evaporates the water, but what condenses it?
ldischler, Aug 03 2007

       The system is clearly not closed with regards to heat energy... if heat energy can enter it can also exit.   

       So at night for example the water will condense... only it will have moved --- hopefully in an upwards direction.   

       Note this is not a stirling engine.
madness, Aug 05 2007

       Water is always evaporating. It may be possible to build a giant water condenser high up in the mountains in a desert as one Mountain if Africa has been know for condensing water from elevation. The idea may be to apply high altitude moisture condensers for desert water collection and channeling the water to run a hydro electric generator with water evaporating while being used to grow food or biomass fuel crops.
travbm, Nov 01 2015


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