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I volunteered to be profiled
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A special line at all airports where those who think they will be "profiled" and subjected to extra searches anyway can elect to go voluntarily.

In return for volunteering for additional scrutiny, they don't have to queue up with the rest of the fearful sweaty masses; get to wear an IVP badge, and are given a nice certificate to frame.

xenzag, Jan 09 2010


       and a free drink on the plane.
FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2010


       This may be the start of the 'I love to be profiled' fad. 'I "heart" profiling' t-shirts will appear everywhere. People of the dominant culture will start to adopt different and highly suspect foreign customs and ways in order to be profiled and usher in a new age of multiculturalism. A new pop group the I"heart"2BP will release a hit single of the same name and everyone around the world will be 'doing the profile' on dance floors and in front of security cameras in international airports around the world.
rcarty, Jan 09 2010

       Another improvement would be the "Nothing to hide" line for people who have nowhere to hide it. After completing security, paper clothes might or might not be offered to these folks for completion of their journey.
bungston, Nov 08 2012

       Baked: TSA Pre&#10003;.   

       Edit: Halfbakery apparently doesn't support Unicode. That's supposed to be a check mark—PreCheck.
notexactly, Mar 02 2015


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