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Image color sorter

Sort images by color and make collage out of them
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I like the collages in which a big image is broken into pixels, each of which is itself a picture of the appropriate color scheme to serve as a pixel. Some collages that one encounters do this with torn images from magazines. Fine features of the large image are done by making very small component pixels. Fun stuff.

I propose one could have a "find waldo" type game on a computer or ipad. An image would be broken into pixels, each pixel being comprised of another image chosen from the database by virtue of its largely correct color scheme for that use. The player must find something depicted in one of these component images. Maybe a zoom tool is allowed. There is a timer.

Of course one could color an image any color you like, but that is cheating. Pixel images must be used as "found".

On correctly locating the object assigned, the camera zooms in on that image which itself is then rendered with multiple pixels comprised of images.

On successfully completing 10 levels you zoom back up through all completed images.

One could compel for example, a dog image to be comprised only of pixels made from cat images, or a porn image to be comprised only of pixels made from images culled by Google safesearch.

bungston, Mar 18 2014

Little things https://itunes.appl...gs/id382821388?mt=8
This is an app in which a big picture is made of small things. Not as cool as a collage because it is fairly monochromatic. But the prinicple of finding a little piece of a big thing is the same. [bungston, Mar 18 2014]


       [+] Pretty cool & quite doable. It would be fun the first few times, but I couldn't see playing it for days/weeks. (Just like pretty much every other game!)   

       The only trick would be, how to have such a large library of interesting images, without running into copyright issues? If you forget copyright, this could be done in a weekend's worth of hacking.
sophocles, Mar 19 2014


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