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In-door Hamster Cage

Rats, I hate Rats, they make me crazy!
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The Hamster was very excited to have so much cage all to itself. It was perhaps a bit too much space, although admittedly, most of it was rather tight.

It's new cage was 79 inches tall, 30 inches long, and, in most places, 2 inches wide. It was set in a space-saving, and conspicuous location between two rooms, and was attached to the wall by two hinges and a doorknob. Wheels, tunnels, water bottles, food dishes, and a wealth of pine shavings served as furniture and toys for the small rodent.

Dr. Evil called it the in-door hamster cage, and waited patiently for the hamster to start exploring the lower levels before he allowed Mr. Bigglesworth back into the house.

Modifications: 1: An automatic door closer is attached to the device to prevent door slamming from disturbing your precious pets.

2: Each level can be separately closed off to serve as a single cage, or to allow for cleaning of the different levels without evicting the hamster from it's tenament.

3: Flexible tubing can attach one in-door hamster cage to another in-door hamster cage elsewhere. Special attachements (yet to be halfbaked) prevent the tubing from crushing hamsters if they happen to be inside the wrong part when the door is opened or closed.

4: Also suitable for certain birds, lizards and other rodents, like the rats that make me crazy. See dealers for details.

ye_river_xiv, Sep 12 2006

ant flag by Yukinori Yanagi https://www.tate.or...26429&searchid=8915
Ants redistribute the material of flags of the world - fabulous [xenzag, Sep 13 2006]

Reminds me of.. Slice-Of-Nature_20Wall
Similar, only more general and for walls [RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2006]


       Transparant plastic door I presume. Allowing the cat hours of frustration, and us hours of hilarity.   

Germanicus, Sep 12 2006

       Will plus if sections can be closed off for cleaning via lid flap whilst Hammy in other bit.   

       Otherwise whiffing.
squeak, Sep 13 2006

       You'd need some WD40 on the hinges..nope, forgot that WD40 stops mice squeaking not hamsters.[+]
skinflaps, Sep 13 2006

       (+) if he can have the run of the whole house with every door being similarly modified to create a habitat and connected to the walls via flexible tubing.
xenzag, Sep 13 2006

       + cute and I really like [xenzag]'s version.
xandram, Sep 13 2006

       No, no, no. Experience taught me long ago that transparent doors are not a drunk person's friend. [+] anyway.
hidden truths, Sep 13 2006

       Damn, There goes my in-door ant farm idea.
jhomrighaus, Sep 13 2006

       YAY! two full buns! It's everything I've ever dreamed of. Mental note: include animals that do not die in future ideas.... A few modifications have been added to solve certain issues with the 1.0 version, and to meet the needs of prospective buyers.   

       [hidden truths] to prevent the hamsters from dying of boredom, starvation, thirst, or suffocation, most areas will contain reasonably visible wheels, pine chips, newspaper, tunnels, food dishes, water containers, and wire mesh. I wouldn't expect the finished product to be any less visible than a screen door.   

       A person who tends to get so drunk as to become enemies with a screen door probably won't want any live pets to begin with...
ye_river_xiv, Sep 13 2006

       Bun from me- I see a solution to the tedium of only ever receiving junk mail and bills through my front door.   

       "I'm sorry, Mr. Thames Water, but my hamster must have eaten your red bill!"- not a hint of an untruth, gotta love that!
Azazello, Sep 13 2006

       Your alpha hamster, being unable to puff up like a betta fish, can instead scurry to a point where he can aim a baleful glare through a fresnel lens at an intruder... <grrrr> into the little microphone...
lurch, Sep 13 2006

       I'm bunning this on the condition that the doors are transparent plastic, it would just be cruel with a standard wire cage. The most attractive thing about this is the expression on the face of house-guests when they discover there are rodents running about in the doors.
Mr Phase, Sep 13 2006

       Can the hamster's wheel be connected to a cunning gearing system to open and close the door please?
DenholmRicshaw, Sep 13 2006

       [Azallo] perhaps you would be interested in my "Inquisition Mail Sorter" idea. Not quite as picturesqe as a mail eating hamster, but still...   

       [Mr Phase] an in-door hamster cage could in theory be made of most anything. I would tend to reccomend the breathable traditional wire mesh, as I am not sure what cruelty these lead to, but I am quite familiar with the cruelty of leaving a pet in the humidity, heat, smell, and UNBREATHABLE CO2 of an all-plastic container. Perhaps, to avoid converting this into a "smell of death door," some compromise involving perforated clear plastic would be appropriate.   

       The hamster wheels are of course hooked up to a cunning gear system... however, that goes to powering the "knocking door," additional energy is converted into hamster power for comparison to other mad energy production schemes, such as the "puppy mill."
ye_river_xiv, Sep 14 2006


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