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Inbox Space..

The email sent by *@*.com bounced because you did not enough space in your in-box...
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I hate it when i send people an email and it bounces. Especially if its a monday meeting presentation. But one I get the bounced message and not the other person. There should be a system where in the other person gets a small text file saying that i sent him/her an email and it bounced. There should also be a mechanism that notifies me when he/she makes some space in the inbox so I can the send my email. Or maybe this could also be automated. My text file transmits a message to my inbox when the other person makes space and that attachment that I wanted to send is automatically sent. This will obviously have to be a an option in case i was planning to change the document. But the feature should exist.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 08 2004

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       [UnaBubba] I use my university email but they still have a space limit. and many of the presentations that are exchanged are beyond the limit or nearly to the limit.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 08 2004

       This happens to me all the time, A toasty big (+) for you.
However, I could see this being abused by spammers who would create a queue of messages so that when you create enough space, the next 10Mb of crap comes flooding through.
reap, Feb 08 2004

       [reap] good point. Maybe the system could be designed to send a text file that first asks for permission to the other guy. In which case my friend would permit me because he recognizes my email id.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 08 2004

       Many e-mail systems send warnings to the owner of an inbox before they actually run out and have to reject incoming messages.
The normal e-mail mechanism for overcoming temporary obstacles is to have the destination server reject the delivery with a temporary error, and have the sender retry later. This happens automatically, without user involvement.
jutta, May 31 2004


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