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Indoor City

One big building
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An entire city inside one giant building. Similar to the West Edmonton Mall, but with more housing space, and more optimally designed for living in.


-Saves space by taking full advantage of 3rd dimension and packing things closer together

-Never have to worry about lousy weather, bugs, lawn mowing, snow shovelling, etc

-No rising fuel costs, car accidents, or car insurance

Bukkakinator, Sep 18 2008

Come on, go for original next time. vertical_20cities
Or do a quick search. [zeno, Sep 18 2008]


       Isn't this an Arcology?
Adze, Sep 18 2008

       how do you finance this?   

       You can imagine the probelm in construction is getting the money to build something so big at once. Unless, we can get everybody in one city to move at once.   

       Cities grow bit by bit, usually the bits are defined by what the market can afford and demands at that point meaning there are scale limitations imposed.   

       There are other interesting comments and links on this under 'vertical cities'.
williamsmatt, Sep 18 2008

       Already described in a number of Asimov stories, notably "The Caves Of Steel".
8th of 7, Sep 18 2008

       Yes, baked in real life, heavily in fiction and covered completely in other posts. (-)
MisterQED, Sep 18 2008


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